Bugs, Unintended things and FPS Problem

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Going from worst to bearable:
1) FPS: I'm running the game on an I7 24GB RAM GTX 1060 GPU. Games with even better graphics run smoothly.
The game itself runs smooth, but when alot of "calculations" appear to happen, (etc: when im fighting) the game's fps drops to 10-20. Its horrible and makes the game unplayable.
2) Adjusting brightness in-game is not possible. Possible only in lobby.
3) Unintended things:
a. In the menu, there are alot of messages that should drop line and is written like this: "Hello\nWorld!" (you treat those strings as raw text, which are not)
b. There alot of features that are in the game but you cant use because it says theres not a binding to the key


  • VIIVII Member
    About FPS drop in fights, you have to lower effects in Graphic settings to low.
    Firing Potion Launcher cause my FPS to drop from 100 to 20 FPS in epic settings, low effects setting fixed the issue.
  • I'v set all to Low even before posting this. Same results, it dosent matter, theres something thats written badly there.
  • nitay987nitay987 Member
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    Anyone knows whats the problem? im currently reinstalling.
    Im a streamer and want to stream this game, help will be appreciated.

    Edit: Reinstall didn't help. I'v downloaded the game on my laptop which also has a 1060 (for laptops) and it works SMOOTHLY. Tried to update GPU drivers, didn't work
    What can possibly be the problem? Every other game (Elder Scrolls Online, The Witcher) works flawlessly.

    P.s.: I really want to create content for this game. Help me help you.
  • ilisfetilisfet Member, Braver of Worlds
    Issue 3b has to do with remembered keybindings. You either changed them and forgot or (more likely) the game is reading from your old keybindings that carried over from a previous test. This may glitch out your controls tab in settings, but resetting bindings to default will resolve the issue.
  • Update:
    So the fps problem was fixed after I downloaded the game again from Steam.
    I think it may be related to that I played previous versions of the game while it was on its early alpha, which probably scrambled settings and dependecies in my Windows 10. Now when im launching from Steam it works great.
  • ilisfetilisfet Member, Braver of Worlds
    Some of the old files take some digging to find. I had to scan my whole C drive to find the last couple causing UE4 to CTD on startup.
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