E-sports and competitive changes?

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I had read that having an esport for Ashes was a possibility if it was shown to have enough competition and attention but judging by the current state of the game, it won't. I know it's all EARLY testing and who knows what kind of changes could come but here's my thoughts on what could bring a more competitive spirit to the game.

I think changeable classes should be brought in with limited hotkey skills. 1-5 that change with weapon picked up based on chosen class plus letters for armor skills. (similar to Guild Wars 2?)

Right now with only having skills based around what gear you find on the ground the game is pretty limiting. Doesn't take more than an hour of play to figure out if they have a halberd, they'll do this, if they have a long bow they'll try this, if they have a grimoire run for your life from the never ending meteor storm..........

That way reading an opponent won't necessarily come down to looking at what they are holding but more so how they are acting. In this system you could run up on a sword/shield person thinking they may be a fighter class, initiate the fight and all of a sudden there's a smoke cloud (or something) and now you know your fighting a rogue. Mechanics of the fight just changed. BUT WAIT they took the time of the smoke bomb to jump out and lay down a flurry of arrows with a bow they had on the side. Surprise! Not really a rogue but a Predator (sub class). Yet again the mechanics of the fight just changed. Now you have to close the distance or run. It's alright though, you grabbed a chest piece that had barricade. Jumping back you raise a wall to protect yourself and re-evaluate the situation. Do you retreat to try to reposition the fight or charge right in? Up to you but this sound better to me.

Leveling up could even be put in. The more they use a weapon or class the more skills that can be unlocked to swap out from the preset 1-5. Changes up the situation even more, requires more quick reaction and smart moves.

Then, with that a ranking system or leaderboard could be introduced to show who's the top of each class and subclass.

A class system in the BR would also allow people to learn their class for PVP situations in the actual MMO and put up a fighting chance instead of scrambling, dying, and losing whatever progress they made.

I know it's a lot to put in, balance, and actually execute but this was the idea I had for getting this to an esports level. Maybe from there an actual arena/map based matches could be established of 5v5 or 3v3 as well.


  • WololoWololo Member, Leader of Men
    you know the point of br is to test action combat right ? they will combine it with tab target into a hybrid system so making this a competative game mode with classes that dont represent the final outcome seems like a waste of time. alot of stuff will change over alpha's where they group skills into classes they fit and then yes; if the combat in the mmo will be good maybe we will see esports in the arena's. https://nl.ashesofcreation.wiki/Arenas i dont think there will be much chance for competative play outside of arena's though. to much variables in open world battle
  • Yeah I know it is a test, that's what I've tried to explain to so many people on their steam reviews. That's why I said " I know it's all EARLY testing and who knows what kind of changes could come"

    I'm not saying to make it a competitive game mode RIGHT NOW but down the road, something with more variety to draw in more people. Sorry I didn't make that more clear. Just a suggestion for the future of the game. They could have something already in mind that blows my thoughts completely out of the water and that would be awesome. :)
  • WololoWololo Member, Leader of Men
    yes that would be nice, like gw2 after launch or better and for a longer time xd
  • FreezmanFreezman Member, Braver of Worlds
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    They should worry about esports when the mmo is out. try to foster a competitive arena scene, not worry about the br. If the mmo is a success then it will likely have a much bigger audience than the br will ever have, which would make a lot more people interested in a competitive scene for the mmo than the br.
  • FuryBladeborneFuryBladeborne Member, Braver of Worlds
    Were getting class kits with castle sieges. Were getting different class kits with horde mode. Give them a few months, class skills are on the way.
  • Heard that if people enjoy BR enough they have been thinking of making it a stand alone game and hire more people. I think it's genious approach, sadly it hasn't been that attractive so looks like they will not focus on the BR. But who knows
  • KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds
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    Lol "eports"
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