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Idea for Spell Combat and Spell crafting.

I've been theorizing some ideas for the magic in this game as it leaves a few open ended spaces for imagining and is not as restrictive as a "hard magic" system would be in a novel.

As such, I have this idea, I'd like to know what you think.

As an example: the current design of tomes and wands relies on a style of first person shooter mechanisms for aiming (which is unique and inspired and I love it). However, imagine further if instead of simply clicking a button to cast a spell, but having the mouse button be words of a spell.

This takes into consideration the initial idea of the mechanic that was shown at pax without having it be the main mechanic and not having a cast bar to watch for it, just an animation.

There will be a symbolic animation (while holding the wand or tome) that will change depending upon the duration of button pressed. I am thinking a simple glyph floating above the book or around the character that acts as the word of the spell, or a larger glyph that forms from the smaller one as the duration of the button press grows in length.

This system allows not only for button duration press to change the spells potency, but also for multiple words to be strung together to make different spells or to enhance the spell's radius, buff or rebuff effect, or even adding a damage over time element. This would give the magic much more depth and variety in play style, allow for spells previously restricted to one effect and one effect only, to be made into a different spell simply based on input rather than a separate key for each spell.

In addition, this same mechanism can be applied to melee combat, with the duration of button press changing the skill activation motion. The ability to allow for differing motion can allow for room to have added effects given the location of the skills in a combination (which will require most likely require slight art rework to allow animations to fluidly flow from form to form in a non-linear way), but will give much more versatility in combat and variety in use of skills without much actual mechanical investment as far as skill types are concerned.

And think of the ramifications for crafting, gathering, and manipulations of the world. If this system is implemented, not only combat changes, but all of those as well. You can change buttons presses for gathering tools (harder swings meaning more items per swing but less overall because you break either the gathering item or damage the plant or stone you gather from and lighter swings allow you to gather more over a longer period of time carefully) or for crafting stones or runes for weapons and shields through spellcraft. Or hits on an anvil and the ability to have not only specific hit timing, but almost managing to simulate a hit's "pressure" on a weapon as you hit it with more force based on button press.

Quite honestly, the applications for this idea are endless and I am very interested to see what other people think.



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    AtamaAtama Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    So charge up the Mega Buster?

    I’m not a huge fan of having to prep a weapon like that, especially in action combat. That’s why I hated the Berserker class in TERA Online. It makes for extremely dull gameplay.

    Though I do like it a bit for bows, if you’re talking about the difference between spamming the bow or holding it for about a second to represent a fuller draw on the string. But nothing more than that.

    I still have a bad taste in my mouth thinking of holding down the mouse while my huge axe slowly charged up, before letting it go to see a big hit. I knew what it must feel like when a dog has to balance a biscuit on his nose before he can eat it.
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