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[Suggestion] News, email, and topic separation

Hey everyone, first post since we've moved forums. Anyway,
I've been seeing a few users when browsing saying that they would like the APOC and MMO news separated.

For what I've seen so far every bit of news from Apocalypse goes directly in the "news-aoc" and "news-aoc-apoc" channels.
I would much prefer to have all Apocalypse news separated from the MMO news as well as what I've seen on the Discord and through fan forums. Seeing a testing email brings myself, and other members that purchased founders packs and backed the project excitement when in reality once the email is opened we're disappointed to read it's about Apocalypse instead of what we're really exited about.

tl;dr: I want all emails, Discord pings, and site news to be obviously labeled with "Apoc"alypse" or "MMORPG.
Plus I would like Apocalypse news to stop being posted in "news-aoc" when it doesn't belong there.


  • Hi there! We do have news for Apocalypse and the MMO split out everywhere - on Discord as you mentioned, here on the forums, on our separate Twitter handles, etc. :)

    With that in mind, there may be events that cross over - for example, the Emberstorm Dragon that players could pick up in Apocalypse, that will be available in the MMO! For messages like that, we'll make sure to share them wherever they're relevant so that folks who are excited to grab items for the MMO can join in on the testing & fun!

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any further questions on this topic.
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