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Abilities and Gameplay for Classes in Ashes of Creation that you would like to see

DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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Hello everybody,
Damokles here once again with another topic!

Class abilities and gameplay, we have seen some of them in APOC and some of the MMORPG gameplay videos, but what abilities would you like to see?

Please remember, that balancing is a thing and try to think of Cooldowns for your abilities. ;D

Here are some of mine, most will be for the bard, because that is what i will most likely main (Maybe a rogue too, but I will have to see wont I? :D )

Illustrous Lunge - The Bard lunges at his target for 3m and deals damage if hit. If the bard hits his target, all allies in a 10m radius will be inspired and recieve a movementspeed increase for 5sec. CD: 20sec

Ferocious Cleave - The bard cleaves his target for x amount of damage and inflicts one stack of bleed. All enemies surrounding the target will have slightly reduced attackspeed for 3sec. CD: 10sec

Heroic Tale - The Bard tells of heroic spirits and the adventures of their ancestors, inspiring their surrounding allies. All allies in a 20m radius around the bard will recieve an increase in movementspeed, attackspeed and castspeed for as long as the Bard channels the ability and 3sec after the cast is broken. Channel - 10sec CD: 2min

Way of the Troubadour (Passive) - The Bard is following the tradition of his mentor and their mentors. The Bard cant be slowed below 70% of their normal movementspeed.

Way of the Trickster (Passive) - The bard is as illusive as their mirages. The Bard has increased dodgechance by 10%.

Mirrorimage (Trickster) - The Bard has mastered the art of illusions and summons two replicas of himself. The Mirrorimages will follow the bards lead, attack his target and share his HP/Mana/Stamina pool. The Mirrorimages will only live for a maximum of 1min, and when a Mirrorimage dies, the Bard will loose 5% of their max HP. The Mirrorimage will then explode, dealing that amount as AoE magic damage to all enemies in a 2m radius surrounding it. CD: 3min

Illusory Blades (Trickster) - The bard throws invisible blades around himself, inflicting a bleed effect and slow on all enemies in a 3m radius around him. CD: 15sec

Bladedance (Bladedancer, actually a Fighter/bard but I like this ability) - The Bard throws a blade at his enemy, inflicting a bleed on him and all enemies surounding him in a 1m radius. He can then decide if he wants to dash to his blades position or not. If the Bard chooses to dash to his blade, he wiill inflict a bleed on all enemies he passes through and then knock down all enemies surounding his blade in a 1m radius for 1sec. If he does not dash to his blade, the blade explodes after 3sec in sharp shards, inflicting another stack of bleeding on all enemies surrounding it in a 1m radius. 3 Charges CD: 30sec for 1 charge


  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    The idea of the bard that i have is not a sustained debuff or buff stile, but rather someone who gets in your way in the most unopportune times. A staminaregen debuff here, a movementspeed debuff there. You want to run? Nope, all allies get movespeed buff. You want to heal someone? Nope, he gets a healing debuff.

    Someone who is a real pain in the butt, and empoweres his allies at the right place and at the right time.
  • this just sounds like same old bard with extra steps. Almost none of the abilities mentioned here are creative; still just buffs and debuffs. Fundamentally, they are not bad but I expected something more interesting :smile:
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Private wrote: »
    this just sounds like same old bard with extra steps. Almost none of the abilities mentioned here are creative; still just buffs and debuffs. Fundamentally, they are not bad but I expected something more interesting :smile:

    Well then, give us some better and more creative examples! :D

  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited October 2019
    a heavy metal bard that fires iron spikes out of their guitar

    The dead do not squabble as this land’s rulers do. The dead have no desires, petty jealousies or ambitions. A world of the dead is a world at peace
  • This is going to be pretty generic, but I want to see the following:

    Summon Familiar: a skill which summons a creature that you have designated as your familiar. This could be a monster you encountered and tamed or maybe it could be like SMT where you just use an item as a catalyst for a summon and you will get a familiar based on the item used (maybe if you kill a slime, you can use its drop on this ability to summon a slime familiar, for example). 10 second CD

    I think a baseline summoner should probably center around this familiar or maybe a group of familiars, so maybe have skills that buff them or give them special abilities.

  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

    Decisive Strike - The rogue disappears in a amoke explosion and appears behind the enemy, striking him in the back and inflicting x amount of damage. Range: 1m CD: 10sec

    Shadowstalking - The rogue vanishes into the shadowrealm and becomes totally invisible to all outside sources. Other rogues in the shadowrealm may see him though. While in the shadowrealm the rogue periodically consumes stamina, and staminaregeneration is halted. The rogue mayattack from the shadowrealm, but if he does he then automatically exits it. All attacks from the shadowrealm, and the next 3 attacks after leaving, deal extra criticaldamage and has an increased hitchance CD: 10sec

    Camouflage - The rogue tarns himself and becomes hard to spot. Enemies wont be abe to see his name or hp count, until he is hit. Movementspeed while tarned is halved. CD: 15sec

    Silent Footsteps - The rogue watches his feet. Aggroradius is halved, while silent footsteps are active. Duration: 30sec CD: 2min

    Throwing Knifes -The rogue throws 5 knifes in an arc infront of him, inflicting 1 stack of bleeding for every knife that hits. Multiple knifes can hit the same enemy, but each knife can only hit once. (The knifes can be blocked in a way, that someone just stands in the front and takes all knifes) Each knife will also inflict a rune on the enemy that they hit. Each rune only persists for 5sec. CD: 15sec

    Runecarving (Passive) - Each critical hit has a chance to inflict a rune on the enemy. Each rune only persists for 5sec.

    Runic Explosion - The rogue ignites the runes on all enemies, inflicting x amount*amount of runes of fire damage on all enemies and their surroundign allies in a 3m radius around them. This uses all runes.
    CD: 20sec

    Runic Hex - The rogue places a runic trap on the ground. If an enemy walks on it he activates the trap, inflicting him and all allies in a 5m radius with one rune. CD: 30sec Only one at a time!

    Runic Paralysis - The rogue ignites a rune on his target, stunning them for a short duration. CD: 15sec
  • Generic mechanics/abilities I would like to see implemented across classes:

    Disruption mechanics (spells/skills that take cast time and can be disrupted with other spells) - creates for very interesting risk/reward gameplay and combos

    DoTs including poison, bleed, etc that meaningfully affect a fight (can't heal thru poison perhaps, hemmorage bleed already very interesting)

    Skills with delayed damage - i.e. I cast something on you and it does damage 2 seconds later. Creates interesting combo opportunities.

    Spell/skill combinations - Two people cast something in the same vicinity and it creates some magnifying affect

    AoE defensive skills - there's always tons of AoE offensive skills in games but AoE defense is needed to create appropriate counterplay, especially for big fights

    Could think of more later probably
  • DayuhanDayuhan Member
    edited October 2019

    Ranger marks a tree at one location and another tree at another location. Ranger can transit from first tree to second tree.
    1) Both trees must be within the same node.
    2) Trees must be in a natural environment. So Ranger cannot mark a tree that is inside a village, town, or city.
    3) Transitioning from one tree to another is very draining and leaves the ranger exhausted upon exit (i.e. Stamina drained to zero by transition)

    One with Nature
    Ranger masks his location while in natural environments. To the untrained eye the ranger will appear to be just part of the surrounding environment. Creatures and players will ignore presence of ranger.
    1) Ranger can walk around freely but cannot use any other skill or item while maintaining this status. So, no attacks, heals, summoning, or using items - any other activity immediately stops this skill from working.
    2) Cannot be used if ranger is already engaged in another action. So, if ranger is already flagged for combat then this skill will not work until the ranger returns to non-combatant status.
    3) Ranger must be at full health, manna, and stamina to activate this skill. A portion of the rangers manna and stamina is consumed to activate the skill, but their is no maintenance cost.
    4) Leaving node or entering non-natural location cancels.

    Nature's Wrath
    Ranger channels his/her wrath through all the creatures of nature. All creatures in the area immediately turn hostile and attack anyone and anything that is not a natural part of their environment
    1) Limited to creatures within rangers line of sight. Note: They do not necessarily need to be visible at the time (i.e. underground creatures, flying creatures, or creatures hidden by a tree are affected as long as they are in LOS radius)
    2) Ranger is not immune to this affect, and can be attacked just like anyone else in the area.
    3) Once invoked cannot be stopped until all the creatures, or the invoking ranger, is killed or all outsiders leave the area.
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I really like the treewalk idea, it would make an interesting gamemechanic. :D
  • VarkunVarkun Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    A tank ability where you leap to a friendly target knocking down any opponents in melee range of them as you slam your shield into the ground. As your shield hits the ground a magical barrier appears in front of the person you leapt to providing them with a couple of seconds of protection from ranged attacks as a magical barrier appears this would be directional not 360 protection. There could be other versions that perhaps reflect incoming ranged attacks back at the attacker or perhaps the energy is absorbed by the shield and it is returned as mana/magic to the defender.
    Close your eyes spread your arms and always trust your cape.
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

    Class: Tank
    Thunderous Leap - The tank leaps to his allies side, shielding them for x amount, depending on the distance traveled. All enemies surrounding the allied target in a 5m radius, are hit by electric energy recieving x amount of damage and are knocked back for 2m. CD: 30sec

    Cover - The tank channels magic through his shield, projecting a wall of energy, that blocks all projectiles and redirects their damage to him. CD: 1min
  • Ok, just for fun -

    * Divination: lifts the fog of war and reveals AI and player activity in a small part of the map.
    * Bless: increases the yield of crops on a freehold.
    * Messenger of the gods: allows the cleric’s mount to glide/sprint for longer than usual.
    * Celestial: allows the cleric to ascend to a point in the sky, thus gaining a vantage point, for a short time.

    * Fortress: the tank uses his/her life force to reinforce the durability of a building, wall section, or ship hull.
    * Onward: the tank transforms their shield into a bridge, allowing them to create shortcuts between two points on the terrain.
    * Formation: the tank’s mount gains the same magic and physical defence as its rider.

    * The piper: the bard plays a mysterious melody, luring mobs away from their current position. This can be used to separate weaker mobs grouped with stronger mobs.
    * Spirit of the street: the bard selects a series of delightful tunes to play in a tavern of city street and earns gold commensurate to their skill level and fame. Using this skill has a chance to increase fame based on the tunes and mood of the NPCs, and the bard may learn new tunes by travelling.
    * Sweet talker: the bard uses his/her fame to bargain the price of items sold to or bought from NPC vendors and traders.

    * Pick lock: the rogue may attempt to break into buildings of other nodes normally restricted to citizens and use the facilities (e.g. a library).
    * State secrets: by targeting and observing two players of another node while they are in that node’s capital, the rogue is able to make out broken parts of their guild chat for a limited time. While listening the rogue is flagged and must try to stay out of sight.
    * Sabotage: the rogue tampers with the wheels of a wagon or mast of a ship, giving it a high chance of breaking during use. Flagged as a combatant while using and may be interrupted.

    * Campsite: creates a campfire that restores party member health and mana at a faster rate.
    * Honed hunter: the ranger can narrow down the whereabouts of elite mobs or a specific type of beast in an area.
    * Expert rider: the rangers’s mounts suffer half the normal penalty for movement over difficult terrain.

    * Student of war: the fighter may learn new skills from mobs and have one such skill on their hot bar in addition to their class skills.
    * Perfectly balanced: using rare materials the fighter can add an augment to their weapon’s or armour’s ability.
    * Quick learner: the fighter predicts attack patterns better than most. The fighter chooses a pattern of 3 skills from any class. When attacked by that sequence of skills the fighter takes reduced damage or effects from the final skill. The pattern can be changed when out of combat.

    * Artificer: the mage imbues his/her magic power into a high quality item, allowing them to cast a spell from the item independent of global cooldowns. Consumes the item.
    * Four seasons: the mage selects an area of the land and is able to change the season it is in to allow or prevent traversal by other players, caravans, or mounts. Changing seasons can also uncover or produce natural resources in the area.
    * Signature spell: the mage designates one spell as their signature and can alter its duration, size, or cast time by sacrificing proficiency in the other two factors.
    * Presdigitation: can alter the visual effect of one chosen signature spell, making it a unique trademark of the mage.

    * Phase: the summoner sends carried items to the nether plane, effectively reducing their weight to zero. If killed while phase is active these items may be lost.
    * Recall: summon’s all party members within a short distance back to the caster.
    * Pet Portal: the summoner creates a rift in space, allowing them to access any single point of storage they have in the world.
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