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Adventure Path

RuladianRuladian Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
Two things I have noticed while looking through the Adventure Path is when you first select the tab it show you where you currently along on it as intended. However if you click the arrows to cycle backwards or forwards the first time it will jump you to LVL's 1-6. If you click off of Adventure Path and go back to it you are brought back you viewing your current LVL (as intended) but if you go to cycle backward or forwards it will jump you to the next set of LVL's that would follow where you had previously left the Adventure Path.

ex: - I'm LVL 21 so Adventure Path opens to LVL's 21-26
- I click > expecting to see LVL's 26-31 but am jumped to LVL's 1-6
- I cycle > to LVL's 36-41
- I go from the Adventure Path to the Shop
- I then go back to the Adventure Path and it opens to LVL's 21-26
- From here if I cycle > I will be brought to LVL's 41-46 or if had insted cycled < I would jump to LVL's 31-36

Another thing I have noticed in the Adventure Path is that LVL's 41-46 are duplicated back to back
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