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DeathsProxy Has Arrived!

Hello, alot of people call me just Proxy,

Im on my eternal quest to find my dream MMORPG, and got linked this game which looks
interesting so far. Got a youtube channel,
mostly covering Dark and Light atm, but Ashes of Creation is looking quite interesting so far
so definately something to keep an eye on. Some of the features are outstanding, especially like the
concept of the caravan etc. Will finishing my first impression video soon.

Umm thats it really!


  • Wonderful to have you DeathsProxy!

    We hope that our MMORPG will be your dream MMORPG!
  • <a href="">His video</a>

    Very well done. Nice video!

    Unfortunately being so early in development it's hard to answer a lot of your questions for sure just yet.
  • Hey bud, it's T3ddy from youtube, glad to see you made a post to introduce yourself! I hope this MMO turns out as well as this community I've played with for a few years. I can definitely say with Sorcerer, you're in good hands. Now you just need to meet Slurpy and you're set hehe.
  • Yeah an interesting project for sure. My hat is off to the guy funding this endeavor! Lets hope its a success or at the very least finds its own niche in the gaming world.
  • Absolutely love ur videos my Euro friend. Your reviews educated and convinced me to lean toward this new bold multi-player D&D site. Best regards.

    P.S. Yank extraordinaire with Teutonic roots.
  • I really enjoyed your videos. Good stuff!
  • Enjoyed the video. Welcome!
  • Hey bro, subbed the other day. Great vids, hope your channel grows with the community.

    Only complaint I have though is your text choice. The white outline with color seems a little clashy and difficult to read at times. The only idea I had was to put a neutral background up that opaque or translucent and put normal text with non-eyestraining colors.

    Keep up the good work though. You'll be my primary news source for this game in the future.
  • Hey Proxy!

    Been following your channel ever since I heard about this game, really enjoyed your content thus far.

    Your tin foil hat speculations are rather well informed and engaging! I'd like to see more.

    See you around friend !
  • Heard about this game from a guildmate, and one of your vids got me insta-hyped. Thanks for the great work!
  • Wait...i think I know this guy =D lol
  • This guy got it all started for me.  Thanks Death for showing me this game first!!!
  • Hi Proxy!
  • Welcome you are proxy of death!
  • Wow who dug this outta the abyss lol 
  • Welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy your stay, I have really enjoyed your series on AoC and what we know so far about it and hopefully one day  I get to meet you in game, a long wait though 2 years... :neutral::sunglasses:!

  • Its a bit of a late welcome to you but welcome to the community Hope you have fun on the forum.
  • Relwoh said:
    Its a bit of a late welcome to you but welcome to the community Hope you have fun on the forum.
    He's a moderator, lol.  
  • Welcome @deathsproxy ! The hero himself who got me into this game!
  • Its true! If not for @DeathsProxy I don't think I would be here either.  

    Thank you sir, for guiding the way!
  • Hi @DeathsProxy
    Really appreciate your site, your role here and all you're doing to declare this (potentially) great game to the world. May your scythe never grow dull!
  • Dang, my welcome thread got necro'd. Thanks for all the kind words guys! 
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