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MMORPG Forum issues

I read the problems that people wrote about on the MMORPG forums. I posted the following and I think it should be considered. I would have myself, My Wife, and 2 friends who would immediately Pay for the highest package in this suggestion. Thing none of them would support a kickstarted, BUT I did once with SOTA and got burned. Thats because how I hated the cash shop P2W deal. So If we could just buy the game up front with all the whole 1 person invest $10,000 and gets special treatment in game I think more mainstream MMORPG players would like this setup better. NOW if a person does want to invest more allow people to invest by contacting your investment group and they get a monetary return not an in game return. I would also be-careful how much influence they will have on game design if these people want to invest.

I think the 2 items that people have problems the most with are the following.

#1 Getting 15% cash back on what friends they refer spend in either the cash shop or in a subscription.

#2 Being Crowd Funded

Now the Whole Cash Back thing I also think is a load of BS. HOWEVER I do agree with players who refer friends to the game get a percentage of money off their Subscription for a length of time. And\OR getting a percentage of credit for the cash shop for a select time. These are very fair systems which will help take care of marketing for the game without the need to spend much money on marketing.

As for the Crowd Funding. I too find it crap and I am not a fan of it. I did Crowd Fund SOTA and hated the direction of the game towards a P2W system. Yes I believe P2W includes spending $10,000 on a player run city. That is a load of bullshit. I will not Crowd Fund Ashes of Creation no matter how much I really like this idea for a game so far.

A Much better idea than Crowd Funding this game if this game has 20 Million to 50 Million dollars of investors. Setup Pre-Orders NOW and have Early access in the pre-orders. This will give investors an idea how many units you will have before launch. YES more people will pre-order closer to launch BUT if you already have 500K units sold the investors will have a better idea of subscription numbers and a return on investment. It will not be accurate as all MMORPGs the target will change.

Lowest Package 7 days head start before launch $29.99 (Plus 1 month Sub)
Middle Package Automatic Beta Access (This includes Close Beta Phase 1 or 2) Plus 7 days head-start and 1 Month Sub $59.99
Highest Package Automatic Alpha Access (Phase 1 or 2) Plus Close Beta Phase 1 Access, Plus 7 days head-start and 1 month Sub $99.99
Now here is the kicker, You cannot get a full refund. If you ask for a refund during the Alpha phase you will only be refunded down to the lowest package. So if you start in Alpha and say after a week or 2 that Alpha testing is not for you, thats fine give you your $50 back and then you just have the lowest package. BUT you cannot purchase Alpha access again, You can purchase Beta access if you want but you cannot refund Beta Access after you start to play in Beta.

Also Taxes will apply.


  • If you feel that strongly about Kickstarters then simple as that do not support it but they already said they will be doing a Kickstarter so my advice to you is follow the game and see if it is what you want in a game. Wait till it is near release or released and make your decision then.
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