Mar'kell the side story.

While his daughter was off playing, Mar’kell finished tying up the boat. His daughter had done a good job but there were a few things she forgot. He picked up the oars and tucked them in safely where they could not spill over the side should the sea turn rough and double checked the lashings. Nets were carefully folded and tucked away as well. While he worked he began to sing. It was a bright beautiful day, but it was not an ordinary song. No, in fact, nothing like it had ever been heard on Verra before. The sound was so moving even the gods took notice. Before long a small crowd had gathered around him to listen. Mar’kell continued to sing unaware of their presence. It was a passing minstrel that stopped him.

“Hey man, what do you call that song?”‌ He asked.

“Uh… I don’t know. I was just fooling around. Just singing something fun.” Replied Mar’kell.

“Fun?‌ ‘kay.” Said the minstrel. “Never mind then.“ But someone in the crowd misheard and repeated it. Fun-kay. The crowd whispered amongst itself. Funkay, Funky, Funk, they said, and before long‌ Mar’kell became the inventor of funk. The gods were so pleased they gave Mar’kell a promotion and made him the god of funk. The end.

Can we add the god of funk to the pantheon?‌ Thanks. :D

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