Copyright Infringement?

So I'm wondering if AOC composes their own music. Because I just heard an advertisement on spotify for Thinkshield (below is the website I was linked to from it), and they straight up used "Underrealm Preview Track" (which is my favorite) from Ashes. I also linked the Ashes Soundtrack below (18:42) for reference. If Ashes buys their music, then there's nothing to be done here. But if they compose their own music, the exact same song was used for an advertisement that I assume Ashes didn't approve of.


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    The music for the game is being composed by Bear McCreary and has not been used yet as of last info given. The stuff you hear during the livestreams and other stuff is music that was available for licensing and purchase, so the only copyright violations would be to the people that own that music if they didn't sell it to Thinkshield.
  • Hi there - Unknown's post above is indeed correct in regards to our music usage for the moment :) I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please feel free to message me directly if you have any further questions on this particular topic!
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