A few questions

Hey everyone. I haven't been on in a fair while and was wondering about a couple things. In search I've seen a plenty of arguments on tab vs action targeting. At the beginning they said you could customize your play style to either or a mix of both. Is that still the plan or are they leaning towards action with the MMO? Also as I'm sure its her somewhere could someone point me to the current plan for the different stages of the game?


  • mcstackersonmcstackerson Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
    Mix is still the plan last i heard.

    What do you mean different stages? like different stages of development? We don't have a timeline. Currently testing is happening in APOC's BR mode. APOC will also include a castle siege and a horde mode. We will also get a Alpha1, Alpha2, Beta1, and Beta2 before release.
  • Undead CanuckUndead Canuck Member, Braver of Worlds
    If you are asking about what kind of combat for each game type, MMO is going to be hybrid, and Apocalypse is action.

    Only if everything falls apart will there be a tab target only play style. At which time a very large percentage of people rage quit... :)
  • AtamaAtama Member, Braver of Worlds
    Basically in the MMO you’ll have a mix of tab target and action skills. If you want to do one style or the other you can, but you’ll then be limiting the variety of options you have.
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