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Shunex is Here!

Hey guys and gals thought i might introduce myself, im Shunex if you haven't already guessed. I got my start in MMO's start back in 2008 playing a sword master in Warhammer Online, since then i have been in a ton of Mmo's such as Aion, Rift, Final Fantasy, Elders Scrolls Online, Archeage, Blade and Soul, Black Desert and im currently waiting for Revelation Online to name a few, i LOVE PvP i live for it, PvE is good dont get me wrong but to me its something i do to get gear and something to kill time, imo the PvE in most Mmo's is that they are repetitive and quick, give me a dungeon that would take a whole day to clear ill probably love it too much. I normally run a Healer or a Tank in most Mmo's. i'm really looking forward to what AoC brings to the gaming table and i cant wait for more information/previews!

Thats about it i thinks



  • Welcome! We are happy to have you Shunex!
  • i remember Warhammer Online. I loved it when it came out. Its a shame it was shuttered. i still have my physical copy of the game. good times
  • haha same, still has a spot in my shelf. i havent found many mmo's that have compared to than war-hammer's PvP. Sc's and the pvp lakes were always fun. it was disappointing when they shut down the server's.
  • Welcome to the Family Shunex
  • Welcome fellow downunder dweller :D If you need any help with the game or have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]. Also, make sure you read the community trolling guidelines ;)
  • Who drug this post from the depths of hell???? <3
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    Wow - another 'resurrection' - but good to know more about you actually @Shunex. Do try and keep Lexmax in order though (stamping on his lawn should do it... ;) ! )
    A just slightly belated Welcome to you!
  • holy crap lol, i never thought i would see this again o/
  • Hi @Shunex! Better late than never ... Welcome to the forums!
  • Welcome to the community. I hope you have fun on the forum.
  • Hey Shunex xD
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