Invisible multiple attack

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Hi everyone !

At every one of my game tonight there was a player who could stay invisible when he was attacking.
I don't know if he was always flying, if i was blind at each game (it would surprise me cause i was duelling with him at each final stage), or anything .... but I couldn't see this player until I was dead ...

All happen in the final circle, so there was not much surface to control, every cm of grass was on screen, but not this player.

It was not a capacity because the attacks and conjuring was continuous, so it should have cancelled the capacity a lot of time.

Its pseudo if I rememember good : ArisingsunTV

Thanks for the game !


  • ilisfetilisfet Member, Braver of Worlds
    If it's a ranged attack, no wonder. Given the close up camera, it can take some seconds to both process you've been shot and find the mana trail. If it was really the last circle, they may have had Dark Pact and stepped outside the ring. It is possible to see beyond the red veil, but very difficult to. Alternatively they could have used Catfall to jump high above you and rain death from above, but you'd probably have noticed this.

    If they are in melee and still not visible at all, we have a true bug.
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