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Combat Trade Professions

This is a bit out there and doubt it will come to pass but hear me out here. Elder scrolls Oblivion had a system in place that you could design your own spells I think that system was poorly executed but brimming with potential. My thoughts on this matter are to do up as a trade skill where the crafter could sell thier created spells and abilities to the people. A few examples of how it would be executed....

Spell Crafter

Like the skill is called you could craft spells. You would start out with basic schools of magic fire ice earth nature stuff like that and add in the delivery stuff like orb or bolt or missile then add extra effects like a drain or explosion or weakness. As your Spell Crafting leveled you would be able to add more effects different deliveries and other schools for example a fire lightning bolt that applies a weakness to fire for 10 seconds when it hits and returns 1% health on impact. As you increase the power and effects of a spell you would then increase the cost and level required to use the spell. The same could be applied of healing spells. Could also throw in some interesting effects like takes health from yourself or nearby players or causes the ground to ignite when cast damaging any target hostile or friendly that steps in it. Sky is really the limit.

Blade Master / Axe Master ect......

This is a bit more difficult due to melee being limited with thier animations but basic thoughts include adding different moves ie. forward stab upward slash stuff of that nature to build combos to do devastating damage also adding magical enhancements to the abilities and stuff like bleeds and leeched damage or stuns. Again increasing the magnitude effects and combo hits as you level up your combat profession. I was thinking like coating your weapon in ice doing a few melee combos and applying a slow.

Each character would be given 2 or 3 combat glyph sockets so they didn't get overwhelmed by abilities that they could change out at a set location like a caster would have to go to a mage tower and find a trainer or an item to interact with or a fighter would have to go to a barracks. Once you replaced the glyph the one being replaced would burn out and you would have to reapply a new glyph of that specific spell or ability to relearn it.

Every crafter would have different takes on thier preferences and some special attributes could drop off rare and powerful creatures giving more variety so there was no stagnant run of the mill this is all the abilities I can use as this class and give the player yet another Avenue to make thier character truly thier own.


  • See The Elder Scrolls Online is apparently working on a spell crafting system as well and the idea intrigues me. I like the idea of having a crafter be able to provide some sort of item that will augment a skill you already have such as a runestone that has so many charges before it breaks that changes your normal fireball into like a "rain of fire" etc etc.

    I would like such items to be consumables tho and not permanent so its like I can use my normal fireball but I think Ill need to augment it so ill use my precious augment stone even tho it only has a few charges left before heading back to town to buy anymore one later.
  • I dig the consumeable idea have limited use on glyphs like holding 10 charges but I don't think augmenting current spells is really doing justice to the idea I'm thinking applying a whole new spell to the spell book so that all your base abilities a few games have tried to do the spell augment system and failed miserably at it in theory sounds like a good idea but execution was never done well because you still have to adhere to the set parameters of the base spell you are modifying where as what I'm suggesting here is a building a spell custom tailored to the crafter design using an assortment of base animations already in the game with some interesting effects.
  • Take a look at God Eater's Bullet crafting system. I believe it kinda sums up the spell/skill crafting you're talking about.

    Would be nice if we could do something like that here.
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