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Bow Feedback

MayhemMayhem Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
edited December 2019 in General Discussion
In general (atleast for me) projectile weapons make more sense and feel better to use when they shoot after you hold down the fire button. This feels more natural when you have to lead the shot.

Longbow of Miasma
Playing longbow right now feels like playing widowmaker, but instead of your shot being a hitscan, it's a projectile. Also having your stamina drained when you are zoomed in and trying to scout an area does not feel good.

Here's my suggestions
1. Charge longbow by holding left click down when zoomed in, release to shoot. To zoom in hold right click (like it used to be before the change, this felt much better since the longbow is a projectile and not a hitscan weapon)
2. Increase projectile speed the more you charge it. (Uncharged) same projectile speed as now and full charged it becomes hitscan
3. (Personal pref) Same as 1, BUT longbow is chargeable when not zoomed in, Hold left click to charge longbow, release to shoot
Hold right click to zoom in, release left click to shoot (opens hand, shot fires, camera zooms out)
(Right now camera zooms out and shot fires when bow is at waist level (like it does normally when you are not zoomed in), atleast with EU ping)

Would also like to see a similar change to Nightfall (since this is also a projectile weapon) hold left click to charge shot (but much faster than a longbow charge, like 1second or so to charge nightfall), release to shoot. no stamina cost
Make it shoot a bit faster than it does currently when just spamming left click but lower the damage a bit, charged shot same damage as now

Crossbow feels good to use since it's almost a hitscan weapon and has higher projectile speed than nightfall (atleast it feels like it) maybe crossbow could be made into a hitscan weapon? Maybe when zoomed in?

+ Add customizable crosshairs or make the crosshair a small dot on nightfall, longbow and crossbow. Or remove the big crosshair lines and keep the small ones.
Right now it's very hard to do long range headshot snipes with longbow because the current crosshair covers the head completely and part of the body.
The lines on crossbow and nightfall crosshairs are distracting and you need to be very accurate with those.


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