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Add this for Siege!

poisonzpoisonz Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
Double or Quadruple the quests completion from the quest tab for all chapters

  • Cry Havoc - Deal 1000 Damage to Opponents reward 45,500 EXP (current/keep)
  • Cry Havoc - Deal 4000 Damage to Opponents Full completion
this could add additional rewards for doing a full completion of a weekly

  • Full Completion of week 1 (adventure path) - Reward 25 Embers.
  • Full Completion of week 1 (legendary path) - Reward 25 Embers.
with this you can easily further reward players for doing full completion of a certain amount

  • Full Completion of 6/12 weekly (Adventure path) - Developer Armor
  • Full Completion of 8/12 weekly (Legendary Path) - Helm of the Autumn Knight colored differently with white and gold trim
  • Full Completion of 10/12 weekly (Adventure path) - Reward 100 Embers / Obsidian Cape
  • Full Completion of 12/12 Weekly (Legendary Path) - Reward 100 Embers / Developer Mount

Don't even have to add new cosmetics just reskins and dev items for helping the development of the MMO something that could be added for siege release... understand the mindset of a MMO player, we enjoy earning rewards (should have known that by now) B)

O_O! i had jack D. and it was sooo hard to focus doing this post so imma give myself a pat on the back and you're welcome @LieutenantToast it's DONE! i think o~o
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