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[Discussion] Names | Item Rarities

Hello my Loves o/
This will basically be two topics merged into one glorious super forum post! Yes, I could have created two but where is the fun? I am a lazy person, so one will do! ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴

<strong>What rarity levels would you like to see in game?</strong>
For me it would be something like:

Common - Fine - Rare - Exotic - Legendary - Divine
With Common being the lowest and Divine the highest.

<strong>Do you have better names for quality levels / rarities?</strong>
If so, let us hear them! Don't be shy. We can also go the full Bronze Sandal, Silver Sandal, Gold Sandal route..

<strong>Or are you against a variety of rarity levels and would rather stick to a more 'edgy', everyone is equal, perspective and spells should make the difference?</strong>

~ Zention


  • Given the discovery system of this game I think something like Abundant - Rare - Unique - Artifact - Mythological drawing on the story telling of the game itself.
  • Im kinda hoping that they only have two or 3 kinds of rarity. Common and Magic is the basic gear most people have with more advanced pieces taking tons of time and effort to complete either being Legendary or Artifact. The terminology isn't a big holdup for me just the process behind them.
  • I like the traditional white green yellow style. In games like wow nowadays the rare drops and item rarity tiers has lost all their meaning because even though a green item for example can be incredibly rare to drop you are quaranteed to get some orange items from raid bosses by default that are better. I Like how it is for example in poe and other usually older games that the colour of the items can be changed and a orange might be worthless while a green with good rolls might be priceless. But its impossible to speculate any of that since we dont know about stats and itemization in game. But i definetly prefer a system where you uppgrade the gear and evolve it rather than drop a spesific legendary item from boss and thats it. Bdo had a decent version of the style i prefer where any gear that dropped in start was end game viable and could even be bis untill later patches.
  • I would say keeping it basic may work well.

    Common - rare - epic - legendary/mythic

    Maybe have crafters able to make things somewhat in between tiers and also at those tier levels to give them an extra boost.
  • What would you say about abadoning "rarity" alltogether replacing it with terminology of it's making.
    I mean we probably have a huge emphazis on crafting so maybe something along the lines of:

    1. Found
    Basicly a prefix for loot that is dropped, looted, awarded through quests, randomly found and so on.
    You know, Iron isn't worse than Gold, it simply has different advantages and uses. It simply is gold or iron.
    I guess you could still classify it as something but hm

    What would be important is the crafting suffix.
    It would indicate the quality of the item by describing how it was crafted. Something like,

    Basic - Forced - Reinforced -Enchanted - Infused
    and so on
    There is a whole lot of assumtion in it right now about how crafting will work, but the general idea would be more along the lines of BDO, as long as you put the work into it, it might still be pretty good for a while.
    If you start out with a low quality material it will still fall behind but you can take that for a long ride enhancing it until you actually abandon it and move on to something new.
  • I would also prefer the rarity steps. In addition to the rarity steps the items should have an item level. That means for example: Rare boots, level 110, for character level 60. Item level 120 ist also for character level 60 but with better stats. I hope you can see what i mean. Sorry for my english =).
  • I like the rarity chain, but I do think there must be a difference between crafted and looted rarities. Since sometimes looting a piece of armor is way easier than crafting one with the same stats, or vice versa.
  • Would like to have something that matches the theme of the game. Like "epic/mythic/legendary/forgotten" or something like that.
  • I personally dislike the idea about the Item levels. It got pretty annoying in some games..
  • While the standard Poor thru Legendary tiers are the norm it would be interesting if there was no color coding - In the real world we know that a stock Honda Civic is no match for a Ferrari when it comes to racing. Likewise the appearance of the item should give a clue as to how powerful it is (within reason, of course). Color coding and item level shouldn't be needed if the player knows the stats of the item.

    And as for "uniques"; can they not be truly unique with not everyone running around spamming "Thunderfury" and whatnot? While impossible to fully code properly some semblance to <a href="">Saberhagen's Book of Sword series</a> would be nice to see when it comes to unique items - Devines that see one of their artifacts just laying in a chest and not used for a length of time will swap it out with a mundane item and try to guide their own item into the hands of a worth individual.

    As for powerful crafted items it should take a lot more than a few whacks on an anvil to make it - ex. The Staff of Supreme Power requires rare wood from a far off land that is difficult to get to or even harvest without a powerful saw/axe. The other mats are similarly scattered throughout the land. Once acquired the creation is a process that requires a certain set of conditions be present (special day, moon phases, etc). Not Vanguard silly-mini-game kind of stuff but a lot more involved then three-whacks-of-a-hammer-and-tada!
  • As long as they don't follow Blizzard's lead and make "legendary" items that any tom, dick and harry can obtain. In my opinion, a Legendary item should be limited to 1 per server, otherwise it ceases to be legendary.
  • Grey Dim Blue Dim yellow Bright Gold DarkGreen Purple
    Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Ancient, Mythical

    In my view, these are enough colors for differentiation purposes.. And of course you have seen this idea.. But my idea is slightly different.. Bare with me and read all the way through to get the full picture.

    I've put alot of thought into itemization since most games in my opinion just fall short of making it fun. In fact I feel like games these days have gone in reverse. And it just simply not fun anymore. We are talking about Items, weapons, armor etc.. these are the toys in the game... never go lazy on itemization. If you have a good system of statistics and rarity for items then you can make it really fun. And randomness is so important. Who like ESO's itemization? I can't begin to describe how terrible it is. Everyone running around with the same set? Amazing people can play that for longer than a week.

    Here is my idea of what would be fun.
    Common, uncommon, and even rare items would be items of normal elements, not enchanted with any magic. This is not to say that an enchanter can't bestow on it some temporary buffs.. a spell that slows down wear and tear, or makes it icy cold to the touch so it works better against warm blooded creatures.. or blesses armor with some fire resist, (remember asheron's call? was that not fun? you know it was)
    Now Dim Yellow, would be the best of those being made of high quality metal.. like mIthril or adamantium or some such. making it possible to be really sharp.. durable.. good handle to blade weight ratio.. any kind of physical properties would be effected. Adamantium could require an expensive stone to sharpen that blade. But once you get it to 100% it drops off very slowly. Could even require a skill of 100% in blacksmithing just to get that blade to 100%. But that's a different topic.

    So you could have bright gold item drop on anything.. possibly a bit more rare to drop on just anything of course, however if you are so lucky.. then still you might have a common metal Gold/Legendary item.. like Iron. which might mean that the permanent enchantments that it comes with might not be as effective.. as the quality of the material as a medium, being iron cannot hold the more powerful enchantments.. But since it is gold classification, it indeed may contain magical properties. And the tiers of those magical properties might be based on another roll of the rarity dice to determine if they would even show up on the item. Like life steal on hit should be (in my book) a top tier attribute that is extremely rare.. Maybe even only available on ancient weapons. Then.. there is another roll of the dice on how much life you would get per hit..

    Green Items...(and this doesn't have to be some bright green, it can even be a medium forest green... fitting that ancient vibe a little better...), these essentially are items that are very very hard to get... but they also have some unique attributes that actually effect the character... like a bonus to spell power, strength.. these ancients are the ones that King Arthur pulls the sword from stone sort of idea...

    And then there is Mythical.. Those ones that actually might shoot lightning bolts out of the weapon.. Those one's that are fitting for gods.. Or they may be completely forged out of a natural element like air or fire or such. My thought is that the rarity of these should be so rare... that most players will never have them.. But seeing one every so often.. once every 6 months to a year.. pop up.. And as for rarity you never know, 2 might appear in the same month and then nothing for nearly a year.. But the idea gives some possibilities and keeps people interested..

    Now if it were me... I would have it so this particular item.. the mythical items... They become soul bounded.. until you get pvp'd. Soulbounded only in the sense that you cannot bank this item.. You can trade it however and sell it.. But they will drop no matter what in pvp... if that brave hero gets cut down.. He/She will indeed drop that item. And in fact as soon as you loot that item.. you are pvp'able anywhere in the pve environment, (not including an inn or a house of course).. So yeah it could indeed be passed around in any bloody battle several times, or if someone missed it.. it could sit there and sink into the earth never to be found again for many ages. Or the guy could pathetically sit in the inn to lust over his trophy. (There should be a timer, no pvp in over 4 months... purple item goes poof) hah. Ok anyway/

    No sets in this game, I believe that is just useless, you can accomplish these things without sets. You could have some legendary shoes for example that if they were just dim yellow, nice and lose made of a breathing fabric to keep your feet cool, they would reduce muscle soreness and fatigue when running . But they are in fact legendary instead.. so they also have some impact resistance making it possible to run all over the place for a time until you legs give out. And then you might have some Ancient pants that also increase stamina. Making the combo really nice.

    I know there is alot of work to implement all these things.. Maybe they have something even better in mind. I hope so. But just encase.. you can't say I didn't give you my two cents.

    From a gamer who wants to see it done right, where the fun will last.
  • yea white, green, blue, purple and Gold is enough for me.
  • Oh and I forgot to mention one thing I believe.

    I think all items should be drop-able unless you spend some very expensive ingredients to enchant that item with a bind spell while the person has it equipped. The downfall is... you can't even bank that item afterwards. (This does not include the mythical logic I mentioned before)

    The randomness in statistics.. and the rarity in attributes even showing up in in items with varying levels of quality .. should be what determines the value of the market. Not.. some lore no drop junk.

  • I hope they don't make items too strong depending on rarity and instead of rare or unique item drops they base it on crafting.
    A character with magical items should be able to 1v1 someone with rare or unique items if they are better at it.
    I also believe that the best way to go would be crafting, instead of rare bosses dropping items they would drop some items to craft with. You would start with a crafted longsword and as you progress in the game you can enchant it with various magics, from magic do rare for example.
    This would make crafting and trading meaningful.
  • What are your thoughts about a Destiny like look system with special named legendary's. It did really add to the items to give them weird funky names. Nobody was talking about that high tier rocketlauncher, people knew what a Ghallahorn was and knew the application of it. I would like to see the biggest baddest items to have that level or recognition instead of Legendary longsword nr3...

    Also what types of weapon upgrading would you guys like to see? Any weapon can be the best weapon like Blade and soul or more a traditional best weapon needs to be dropped and upgraded like GW2?
  • I'm of the opinion, and this is probably the minority; The best end-game gear cannot be dropped, and MUST be crafted, you can drop weaker sub-varients but the best will always be craft-only, be it from raid bosses you need materials from, or that adminium that requires a t5 pickaxe to even think about getting ore from.
  • I don't have any real preference for what kind of naming they give to the 'rarity'.

    I do want a rarity system to actually mean something. If you call something "rare", let it be actually rare(10%). If you call something 'legendary', let it be actually legendary(0.001%).

    But most of all, I would like there to be a large diversity within each 'rarity'. Special effects on items that mean more than just stat boost.
  • Maybe there will be some weapons out there that actually bring the term "Artifact" back to its true meaning. There could be lesser and greater artifacts -- lesser being say Swords of Obedience given to 12 ancient knights with similar stats and presentation while a greater artifact would be the true unique sword that the King himself wielded.
  • I think (hope!) that quality or condition of something are factors that influence its rarity. So I don't know if there would be a standardized way (or purpose) behind claiming the rarity of something, because that's largely going to depend on a lot of things!

    In the dream game in my head, there are 3 factors:

    quality - how well was this item crafted, and from what materials
    condition - what wear and tear has this item seen
    provenance - what is the origin of this item (who made it, owned it, used it, etc)

    Those 3 factors would combine to produce the "rarity" of the item.

    In the above example, 10,000 swords that were created for the current standing army might be of high quality, and excellent condition when they are new, but of low provenance because they were a generic item generally available

    Now, if one of those soldiers happens to be the one who beheads the great dragon with his sword.... then *that particular sword* becomes more rare (legendary!) because it was the one that did the need. It is still of high quality, but possibly worse condition because it's used. But because of the high increase in provenance, it's now blinging off the charts at whatever color you chose for the highest rarity :)

    Will be interesting to see how AoC handles it!
  • I think bad idea to craft the best items. Takes the fun out of the game in my view.

    To make crafting valuable though..
    First... I think finding recipes in the world is just stupid and highly unlikely for weapons and armor. Realistically it would happen maybe once in a blue moon.. If a player once every 5 or so comes across some ancient writings that allows them to produce a unique item.. then fine. But otherwise it takes the fun out of the game in my view. Exploring and getting an actual drop that is the armor or the weapon, and not some piece of paper is what I call fun. The way it was when these games started,

    Finding rare ingredients on the other hand to craft an item or to experiment is fine. But lets back up.

    There should be a difference between crafting and finding an item. The attributes and everything... should be different. If you find some ancient item that has some properties that come from many ages ago.. you shouldn't be able to recreate such a thing. If anything that item is the way it is because it has been sitting consuming the power from the natural elements over many ages... is has become like a fine wine.

    My view is you can craft something. But if you want to have unique tier magical properties on an item... You can only temporarily enchant those items.. with something similar effect.. but not quite the same cosmetic effects at least. You could still have the ability to make Legendary Items for example with some common... permanent enchantments only. And anything that would classify into the Ancient item (a higher tier item) can only be found on an ancient item from exploring... or a similar enchantment can be cast on the item... for temporary amount of time.. If you are really the master enchanter, maybe you can get an hour long enchantment... but the cost should be high...

    Also the cost.. should not be ingredients in my view.. that is just another silly thing... as an enchanter is not an herbalist. However what you could do.. is require a certain type of casters fatigue that requires rare expensive herbs to replenish when consumed. Enchanting items.. and casting some of the longest lasting powerful enchantments should be highly fatigue consuming.. making it very expensive in replenishment. And you could regain this fatigue without herbs.. but it would take days.. and maybe down to 24 hours if you are lucky enough to have a cleric constantly casting reduce fatigue on you every hour/. Making herbs.. highly valuable and highly consumable.
  • I think the item rarities should be something like this:
    Common - White
    Uncommon - Green
    Rare - Blue
    Epic - Purple
    Legendary - Yellow/Golden

    I would also like to have some kind of quest difficulty ranks added to the game as well like:
    D rank - White
    C rank - Green
    B rank - Blue
    A rank - Purple
    S rank - Yellow/Golden

    In order to achieve these different quest with a specific rank, there should be some kind of system that determines that you must complete three or four missions of the rank below the rank you want to reach. Or you need to be a certain level to be able to do the hardest quests. Or maybe you can get these quests through the nodes, or through some kind of rare NPCs that spawns once a day/week or month depending on the rarity of the quest he is carrying where you also need to be a certain level to be able to start the different quests. The NPC travels through the borders of the land or something and he only stays for like one or two days or like 24/48 hours. Then, of course, the higher the difficulty of the quest is, the better rewards you get.
  • I would like to have the item rarity something like this.
    Common - White
    Uncommon - Green
    Rare - Blue
    Epic - Purple
    Legendary - Yellow/Golden

    it would be awesome if there was some kind of quest rankings as well like.
    D rank - White
    C rank - Green
    B rank - Blue
    A rank - Purple
    S rank - Yellow/Golden

    Of course, there will need to be some sort of system in order to determine how and when you can get these different quests. For example, in order to have the opportunity to perform difficult quest, you must have completed three or four of the kind of quest that is below the quest rank you want to reach. Then you will have the opportunity to get these missions through the nodes or different NPCs that exist or can spawn in the world maybe.

    And they may spawn once a week or month and will be available on the server for 24 or 48 hours or one or two days before they disappear again. In order to be able to purchase / retrieve these quests, you must be a certain level depending on which quest and quest rank you choose. Or even Guilds can create these kinds of quests for other Guilds ad players in the game like put a huge bounty on some red player or something else.
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