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Is there a problem logging in via steam?

I'm a bit confused, my account seems to be managed in several places, which is "correct"?
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I can't log in with/to, if I go to my profile page on, it says i'm logged in with steam. However, the login dialogue requires an email and password :smile:

I tried registering, figuring that they need me to attach an email nontheless, but this basically creates a new account.. It's a bit messy and confusing

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    Hiya! You can launch Ashes of Creation Apocalypse from a few different places - either by grabbing the standalone launcher from our website directly, downloading through Steam, or downloading through Wherever you launch the game from, you'll also be prompted to log in with your Intrepid account, so you have access to all your goodies and cosmetics in-game!

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but if you have any further issues logging in, please go ahead and open a support ticket here so that our team can assist you further:


  • arodicusarodicus Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People
    Your log in information is the same as what you use to sign in here to the forums. Steam and are just launchers for the game.
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