Untrusted System File (Easy Anti-Cheat Error)

AkainesAkaines Member
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I keep getting an error saying
" EasyAntiCheat Error: Failed to load C:/Program Files/Intrepid Studios,Inc./Apocalypse/APOC/EasyAntiCheat/easyanticheat_x64.dll"
This is on a fresh install as well so idk whats really going on with it.
anyone else get this error and or fix this error?


  • RajivRajiv Member
    I had this same error. After completely removing and reinstalling, I started getting a new error:

    EasyAntiCheat Error: Unknown file version (Patcher\xdelta3.exe) + the client gets stuck patching.

    Another user documented/described the same problem in detail here:

  • GraziaGrazia Member
    edited February 6
    Yes me too, cant install the game becourse "easyanticheat error: unknown file version (patcher\xdelta3.exe)

    And installation stops

    I runned also as admin and firewall /virus off
  • Is there no help? i love to try this game
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