Another PVP MMO game with similarities to Ashes

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Take a look at the video posted. It discusses balancing PVP and PVE in an environment like Ashes. The franchise in the post seems to grapple with the PVP balancing conundrum during development. Eye opening. Please respond cheerfully. Best regards ...


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    I agree with the guy in the video about the developers being very naive when it comes to high level players bullying newbies in a completely open world PvP environment. Even in games where there are restrictions in place to prevent this, it still happens ALOT, and players are notorious for finding loopholes to grief other players despite the restrictions.

    There are 3 main ways of tackling this problem:

    1. Separate PvP and PvE servers.
    2. PvP Opt-in where you enable PvP on a character per character basis.
    3. PvP-enabled zones.

    Personally in games like New World and Ashes of Creation I would prefer to see zones similar to what we have in Albion Online and Eve Online. Both these games have different zone categories that range from completely safe (no PvP allowed at all) to very dangerous where you not only can engage in PvP but lose everything if you die. The benefit of this system is that it allows the developers to adjust the risk-reward element of the game since typically the PvP-enabled areas contain more valuable resources.

    I'd also like to give a shoutout to Runescape here for its Wilderness (AKA Wilds) area, which is the only place where you can do open world PvP. The Wilds are split up by levels, the deeper you go the higher the level. This is important because the Wilds level affects who can attack you. At level 1 you can only be attacked by players within 1 level difference of you, but at level 20, you can be attacked by anyone within 20 levels difference of you. This means that the further into the Wilds you go, there higher chance you will be attacked by a higher level player.
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    Old news that New World is Ashes Lite. Smaller sieges (50v50), smaller servers (1k cap), one race, no classes, no dungeons or raids at launch. They ran their alpha with a minor corruption system that had no stick and was all carrot and then wondered why the gankers turned out in droves to do their regular shenanigans. So instead of fixing the core issues that were wrong with their approach, two months before launch they knee-jerked and made all pvp content opt-in. Will be the next Dark and Light.
  • Will be the next Dark and Light.
    Or the next Tabula Rasa.
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    1. Noob zones (up to level x) are free from non-Noob PVP griefing or pre-harvesting (by other than noobs) in that area. This allows noobs to get used to the mechanics. In essence, a static plot of land by the portals designed for noobs that respawns basic resources to learn and get started in the game.

    2. PVP occurs between groups or individuals between a level range. As example, if I’m level 25, my PVP range is (let’s say) 20 to 30. If I kill a non-combatant PVP within that range, then I get more-or-less bounty based on the difficulty level of the non-participating (pacifist) kill. And, as example, if we have low-level players, the caravan or lists they defend can still be destroyed or taken. Therefore, don’t hire a group of noobs for caravans or guard duty (other than experience). In this case PVPs ignore lower noobs out of their range. The noobs defend or attack at their own peril.

    3. We can’t kill our friends (raid or guild buddies) to remove the bounty and then give them back their stuff. Trickier when they are a solo foil. There should be more severe penalties for using noobs as foils or ‘human shields’ or manipulate a competitor to be a bounty.

    4. There should be a cool down period after harvesting or raid to keep people from camping a site and then kill stealing a group’s drops. In this way, it is a PVP world with a modicum of fairness. No PVP ‘on or off’ switch. No zones PVP or non-PVP. The progress of the node will pretty much run overall player progression?
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