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But in this game, you could build houses with unusual shapes. I'm thinking of creating an algorithm that could read an image from a picture and 10 minutes of video. It's probably kind of hard to implement to make unique skills(rare). There is such anime not love pain, so despite invest all in protection. It tells the story of the game. I think this anime was an idea to emphasize in the game (if you want to watch ). For example, in this anime, there are hidden quests, caves that you accidentally stumble upon. If it turns out that this is similar to your game. It was possible to make danji in one pass and the company in different ways (if you pass in one for it to get good bonuses).I hope that the mechanics of the animals could carry different loads and can also attack during the battle. The game had a Summoner that could summon up to 12 different elementals. An elemental that could heal, shields to put on, could also be pumped.(the number 12 is the Star spirits. ) It is interesting to know how roads between cities that players build, do these roads automatically appear or do players build these roads themselves? (if I think so, it was a good idea) here above I wrote about the algorithm for reading the art of a house or castle. Moreover, the algorithm for external armor and weapons was not invented by themselves , and players could load their own external equipment (armor and weapons). As will appear ideas write in a new topic or here below.
You may have guessed it yourself.
Players could create quests themselves, for example, to extract resources.

I think if you did not create a flat map , but a Spherical one (like a planet), it was super and you could get around it for example in 15 or 30 days. There is a game Star citizen developers there do a seamless world that is without loading screens and thought if in the future were able to make a similar world without loading screens players were for this.

Probably a Crazy idea to create such a mechanic players could create their own recipes for food and they created different bonuses or assigned themselves not much IMB food


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    А как картинки прикреплять. через ссылку не получается?
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    There is a game spellbreak in which the ability can be mixed for example if fire and water there is steam, wind with poison to eat a poisonous hurricane. I think this is a great idea to take.
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