Covid - 19 and the march big gameplay showing.

Just curious as to if this whole ordeal will effect when we see the much anticipated gameplay. I would assume not since I would like to believe it's all recorded already, or can be recorded remotely. Either way I can understand though because this issue is very serious ! I hope everyone's staying safe <3


  • JahlonJahlon Member
    They said they are going to do the stream one way or the other.

    Stay tuned
    Make sure to check out Ashes 101
  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men

    The dead do not squabble as this land’s rulers do. The dead have no desires, petty jealousies or ambitions. A world of the dead is a world at peace
  • *Covid-19 has joined the channel*
  • TamaelTamael Member
    "What do we say to the Covid-19" "Not TODAY!"
    He had existed for a long time and was fluent in many languages. Most of them...Dead ones. Ohhh... don't mind my friend in the cage.
  • rodzorrodzor Member, Braver of Worlds
    Better to do big reveals and testing now so the game does not get over-hyped in testing phases and people judge it now before its even remotely finished.
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