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Question about the lighting of the world.

KenneymacKenneymac Member
edited March 2020 in General Discussion
I just noticed and read the post someone made earlier about this. I am sorry for asking again.

I really enjoyed the look at the Alpha One preview. The world looks amazing and all you showed us was very informative and interesting. You guys planned the episode well.

As for the lighting of the world. I noticed the "sun" always seemed at a low level in the sky, casting long shadows and just relatively making everything have a darker look. I even noticed Margret was moving around trying to get the best light to show us the beauty of the world. So, are there plans to have the Sun move across the sky, allowing the world to get brighter and as mid-day approaches and moves into the afternoon?? In my opinion, the world is beautiful, but it is seems so dark. Full brightness and less shadows will make the game feel more cheerful. If there are plans for a full sunrise/sunset day, then that is great. If not, then I think over long periods of time playing with sun at low level and casting long shadows, will cause the game to feel a bit depressing.

We all play for immersiveness and fun. You guys have worked so hard to build and awesome game and I wouldn't want to feel this way. Periods of Brightness will make the game feel more cheerful to look at for long periods of time.

Just my opinion. Thanks for listening,


  • JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    Yes there is a day and night cycle planned, but like many things in development that will come later.
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  • Yeah, the shadows are too dark. Lots of games are like that and IMO it's not nice looking. Its a shame the spell effects don't light up the shadows. Then there's the foggy light that looks dreary or the sun flares that look over the top. It's really difficult to have nice lighting.
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