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[NA] The Once and Future Kingdom of Tyria | PvX | RP Optional | Cookies |

TheGuardianTheGuardian Member
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Who We Are:

Tyria is a community of communities, dedicated to working together, as we understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are made up of all types of gamers: PvPers, RPers, questers, crafters, merchants, and soldiers all united for a common purpose. We have a distinct aesthetic - a traditional medieval style - and ideology - of hope, justice, and equity, where the strong serve and protect, but are open to all who are willing to share in the common purpose.

Our Intentions:

- Establishing a Trade hub for all to enjoy the splendors of the world.
- Cementing a Security force to protect our citizenry.
- Founding an Academic establishment to yield secrets of ancient studies.
- Promoting the Church of Resna to spread Hope to all.

Message from the King:

"People of Tyria! Though we have lost much, here we remain. We have endured, and we shall not falter! Though the way ahead shall be a challenge, we shall rise from the ashes to meet it with the dedication and nobility that has defined us! We shall go forth from this day and rebuild a home for ourselves. We shall continue to endure. We shall bring more into our fold and they shall be Tyrians just as we! Let us all embrace our bright hope for the future! Together, we shall prosper!"

Our Unfortunate Origins:

In the continent of Elyria, the Kingdom of Tyria prospered in both virtue and trade. While significantly smaller than the other nations, it was mostly left untouched due to its position of commerce. Small in terms of population, but in truth, the borders extended far out. Across the vineyards of the southern grasslands, over into the encampments of the desert folk, and beyond the sea bounties of the salt marshes.

While many nations boasted about power and wealth, Tyria celebrated the comforts of home. Due to our size, we had no choice but to value every citizen and make them a part of our family. Across the royal duchy, bard songs would be constant. Family brewed wine would pass from neighbor to neighbor. We’d sit down at a different dinner table each night and laugh the stars away.
But as the old tales go, happy kingdoms don’t last forever. What the nations failed to see, what the guardians failed to see, was the apocalypse slumbering under us. Smoke began to rise from the frozen mountain and the monster kept within awoke. A colossal demon, born of shadow and flame, erupted from its prison. After the immediate destruction of the Northern Kingdoms, it began its ruthless campaign against the south.

The sea water filling the marshes began to boil, the dust bowl fell into magma filled chasms, and flame consumed the vineyards. The sky turned to ash and the air became thick with smoke. The Tyrians lucky enough to still be living, if you can call that “lucky”, made it to the coast. Together, the Kingdom of Tyria sailed eastward, narrowly avoiding the demon’s wrath.

Using what magic was left in the world, The Guardian conjured a portal and led Tyria, including tag along refugees, through into a brand new realm. The ships sailed through the gate, watching their beloved home be reduced to ashes. As the remnants of Elyria coasted into the dawning light of a completely different sun, we all woefully came to terms with our existence.

We are now refugees, homeless with no claim to the land. Our pride burned with the vineyards and our history crumbled with the bakeries. The bands of authority, nobility, have been broken. We must now band together and pull our own weight. We must grow food for our people, we must harvest resources for our footholds, and we must fend off dangers for our security. We will restore ourselves as much as we can, but home is behind; the world is ahead.

Kind Words from Citizens

Abelion - "My family must go on! My goal is to see Tyria become as badass as we all thought it could be!"

Amicus - "I swore to my dying breath I’d protect the King and his people regardless of what world we’re in. My goals include opening a bakery and eating all the feckin’ cookies!"

Mean774 - "I made a blood oath to follow a man who stood up for me in my darkest hours; and his path lead us both here. My goal is to become the overpowered main protagonist of my own story."

Napodyn - "Tyria was the center of everything and thus the best choice in going between locales. But, nonetheless, I met some good people in Tyria. My goals right now are simply to move on and devote my creativity into other things… and hoard all the booze I can along the way."


Come Visit! [Our Discord!]
Amicus Mourchaux

Guardian of the Kingdom of Tyria.


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