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The Mark of Kri

This post is about some of the features that this game has that I would like to see in the game. Since there is not one of the designers from this game ust ask him what im talking about. Hats off to the game designer that worked on this project game got rated 10/10 when it came out.

This game had

A shock and awe feature were mobs were intimidated when toon performed some move. Would like to see this in game. A similar ability that is already in game is WoWs blinding light were mobs get disoriented in area of effect. But in this case it is not a spell but some power combo that toon does.
Would be more appropriated for tanks and warriors but mages could also have special procs I suppose.

This game also had a unique targeting system. All it did is change the direction of toon to mob selected and started attacking in that direction. But really was not necessary because could be done manually. But there were special moves that could only be done through the targeting system.

But in modern MMOs this would be called tab/click targeting. (vs not haveing mob targeted but spell still hits cause aimed that way.) There were imaginary areas so imagine cirle to left and right and circle directly behind you and circle little farther behind making kind of like a T.

So If you target a mob by clicking or key binding and there are in the circles to the left and right of you then toon does sliced with sword to left and right with turning left or right. IF you had mob in circle right behind you then toon thrusted sword backwards with out turning. And if you had a mob targeted that was in the circle farther behind then toon would do 180 and do a sweep and lunge and knock toon down on ground.

The point being were your target was mattered so it made you feel like you are in the game. Vs hitting everything in 180 degree arc in front of you.

Think something like this would be great for roges that tumble and dash and backflipp depending on were target is but. Could be used for other classes as well.

Have to go so have to cut post short.


  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Moderator, Member, Founder, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I haven't played this game but the targeting system you describe seems to be just different animations based on your position relative to the enemy. As you say most games with lock on targeting turn your character to face the target for each attack. But here you are substituting turning the character for a different attack animation.

    While that does sound cool to look at I don't see how it effects the gameplay at all. The player is still pressing the same buttons, the only difference is the animations involved.

    Maybe I'm missing something here.
  • consultantconsultant Member
    edited April 2020
    Kind of figured people would miss something been wanting to do this post for a long time now but did not cause too difficult to describe on paper but since they hired some one that worked on that game well all they have to do is ask him and he will put it into nice technical terms. :)

    Now this idea was inspired by Sion, Leona and Pantheon but mainly Sion. Sion has a shoulder bash that he uses when taking down towers.

    One of the armour sets has extra armour on left shoulder only for defensive purpose so originally I though it would be a good idea to make so if there was mob to the left of toon and was tab targeted (remember this game is going to have hybrid system) then in theory a tank with shield could do shoulder bash to shield bash to the left.

    What this does is give a the player a reason to use tab targeting. Plus player has to pay attention to capatalize on the situation. Mob has to be somethat to the left to pull it off for extra damage. But the huge flaw with this Idea is that would make all the tanks face their left shoulder to the front or approxiamately at 90 degree angle all the time and would look kind of weird. What I did not realize at the time is that it just works better for two handed weapons. So we have to go with shoulder bash to the front.

    Before I go any further let me say that there are different typs of shield bashes like mid to left (standard)
    left to mid (kind of like a left punch with shield) and step and or small dash toward the front and then do a shield bash if you add a shoulder bash. Then it could go Shoulder Bash to med ot left shield bash right hand weapon swing and left to mid shield smash. Making a combo.

    But from now on we will just call it a shoulder bash. Now this one does not actually require tab targeting like in the case of the rogue were he does a back flip over a toon dierectly behind if targeted and lands behind his target. Cause target is going to be in front of him any ways. So here is how this goes.

    If target is directly in front him then does tank does shoulder bash (basic combo)

    If target is far enough in front of him to take one step then he could take a step adding momentum little bit better combo.

    If target is far enough for him to take more than one step and do a dash then does the best combo possible cause of extra momentum.

    So the most effective way to do it is a dash to bash combo but the target would have to be a certain distance away to get full effect. So lets say five to eight feet in front of him. So the key thing here is the distance. Player has to pay attention were mob is to get distance and timing right and remember mob may be moving toward him. Now the opposite of this is dash combo works in a range of 0 to 30 yards in 180 degree arc which is a huge area so really does not matter to much were they are soon as you get within 30 yards just hit the button and it works. Really no different than Ranged dps.

    So in this example if they try to the combo to soon while mob to far away they will miss it entirely and hit nothing but air and if then if you wait to long you might only get the combo were you only take one step and then bash instead of the dash and bash for full effect.

    I know it is a lot of game mechanics to absorb. This is the type of stuff I am talking about in other posts were I say I am just going to skip over the game mechanics for this one.

    This is just one example. mages wall of force could be cast directly on top of a target causing them to be knocked back or pushed toward caster instead of cutting him in half, but ill just skip the game mechanics for that one. :D

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