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  • As far as I know, events are things that happen in Ashes of Creation as the result of development in the world.
    Let say dragon appears near the town, and so the event to slay the dragon appear too. My question is what triggering the event to be disappeared or considered that the events is "done" ?
  • JazeriousJazerious Member, Warrior of Old
    In kickstarter, it is mentioned that there are "additional customization options" leveling from 1-3. Can you give us an example of what backers will have access to that non-backers will not?
  • When game launches there will be really high demand for monsters coins, guessing it is a feature almost everyone will want to try out so just how accessable are monters coins going to be and will toons have to wait to max level to use one.
  • will there be the possibility to progress your char entirely without fighting? I'd love to be able to roleplay as an innkeeper or sth that only progresses by doing his Inn thing, hunting and gathering for supplies, trading with other nodes and so on.
    it could be integrated right from the start of your journey: when choosing your first weapon, instead you could just get a gathering or crafting tool and start an apprenticeship. wouldn't know any big mmo that enables you to do that, would be groundbreaking!
  • How far along in development are the Tulnar?
  • Salem04Salem04 Member, Braver of Worlds
    Are all classes in Aplha 1 playable and can we switch our primary class in the alphas for Testing?
  • What Are The Challenges You Guys Encounter When You're Testing/Tweak The Action Combat System In APOC Battle Royale?
  • Will the "Know your Nodes" articles be continuing? The last article in May of 2019 mentioned the next post would be about the Divine Nodes and I'm really looking forward to find out more!
  • Hey Y'all. Is there an updated timeline for info and lore about races and various gods? Thx.
  • T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds
    When are you going to bring back the Dec-Jan store items that you said you would bring back because people were unable to buy them because the store was down? We've heard "soon" several times now, but it hasn't happened yet. This would be a good time for that.
    Formerly T-Elf

  • Is life skilling going to be restricted by materials available for the specific recipe, like you can make as much many as you can until you run out of mats or a labor/energy system going to be implemented for it.
  • RyuuRyuu Member
    the tulnar are half human, half animal right?
  • I feel as though my wallet would loosen more if more lore is leaked. Could you tell us anything about the main antagonists of Verra, are they the Three gods who have fallen from grace or the offspring of the original Ten? If this cannot be shared at the moment, can you give more context to the recent pictures of a possible zone that were posted to your social media.

    Much love in these troubling times.
  • Does races lore stick near/around race gate or is it spread around the world with no higher lore densities areas location ?

    If i'm planning to seek for all the lore of a specific race , will my gate choose matter?
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    1: Will summoner's pets have their own skills (skill tree) Say your a Necromancer and you have 4 different Zombies, will each of them have different skills? Or will your summons have differerent skills based on the Summoner's skill tree?

    2: Will summons be up for a limited time or will they be up until they or their master are killed?

    3: Will we be able to get gameplay look of every class within this year?
  • Hello,
    Will there be any summons that tower over the player or even a building or will they all be player size and smaller?

    Thank you,

    I think they have answered this, at least a litle. You will be able to summon dragons so Im guessing they will be somewhat big. If they get to big they will take the hole screen and in group contant it will be a nightmare.
  • How will the world history be shown to players?
  • SzoloSzolo Member, Founder
    torkel56 wrote: »
    1: Will summoner's pets have their own skills (skill tree) Say your a Necromancer and you have 4 different Zombies, will each of them have different skills? Or will your summons have differerent skills based on the Summoner's skill tree?
    2: Will we be able to get gameplay look of every class within this year?

    Thinking it further, will it matter who did I ressurect? For example ressurecting a caster dps results a "risen mage", while ressurecting a melee dps results a "risen warrior"?
    You ride that fine line of like everyone is about to die and you shall keep on casting, keep going, it awesome. Thats the best part of healing.
  • LifetreeLifetree Member, Leader of Men
    Hi, do we going to have a Stats Points that we can use to increase our Stats like Health, Power, and etc?
  • vanqorvanqor Member, Braver of Worlds
    Early on the stated goal for combat was "tactical and strategic", with no button mashing or aoe bursting packs of mobs. Is this still the case after the inclusion of more action based combat? (hoping so)
  • rodzorrodzor Member, Braver of Worlds
    How do you plan on keeping the items that you can earn by playing the game feel rewarding and cool to wear over the cosmetic items you have released so far? A famous WoW streamer 'Asmongold' brought this up about WoW, and im sure some other people also share the opinion that the coolest (cosmetic) items should be hard to get and not behind a paywall.
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    Thank you all for providing your questions - submissions are now closed!

    We'll see you at 11AM PDT tomorrow for our live stream!

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    Staggeron wrote: »
    Locke wrote: »
    Staggeron wrote: »
    Would Management ever consider doing a "So you missed a Skin month..." ?
    Maybe a poll could be put up to see what the Community thinks?

    I can see where some would be dead set against it, but I wanted to ask and worst case is Management and\or Community says no and that's not a problem.

    I know for myself that I missed a few, due to unforeseen financial obligations, and suspect I am not the only one.
    If Community and Management agree, just do each full pack not picking out individual pieces?
    It would be an opportunity to generate some additional income without having to create new artwork.

    (Puts on Fire Retardant Suit - "Don't burn me to Ashes for asking" :o )

    Under general circumstances I am quite positive the answer would be an unyielding no. These were advertised as limited time, and Intrepid has not given any indication of doing otherwise. (Though some would argue that due to the Summer Backers promotion.)

    Sadly, these are not normal times. Considering the pandemic if Intrepid was willing to donate all proceeds from sales of these to an organization fighting Covid-19, I believe most would be willing to get behind that. Though, even then, there would be some against it regardless.

    Believe me I totally get it, that's why I mentioned a Poll.

    Doing it for a Charity Organization, now that's a great idea I can certainly get behind! :D

    The answer to this is no.

    They've already sold 2+ years of cosmetics under the umbrella of "exclusive"

    Regardless of what the poll reveals, the answer would be: not gonna happen
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  • BCGBCG Member, Intrepid Pack
    Have you decided on how many Raids there will when the game releases? How many open world raids and how many instanced raids, How many bosses will be in the instanced raids?
  • Alrighty everyone - thanks so much again for chiming in with all your questions, and now that I've had a chance to read through them all, figured I'd take the time to provide some quick answers for the ones we may have covered before!

    @knapper - You can read more about freeholds, inns, and taverns, as well as other player-owned business elements here:

    @Pacha - You can check out more of where we've discussed potential RP elements for chat like that here:

    @Ishka - You may have already seen some of these range differences play out with the weapons in Apocalypse, which was to help test out our action combat!

    @Corpier and @Wingydingy - We're all still safe & healthy, thanks for checking in! All of our handy collaborative online tools have allowed us to keep making great progress together safely from home.

    @basvision - There will be a variety of animations for different class abilities, some of which you've seen previously. All are still very much a work in progress, so keep an eye out as we continue to share more!

    @AntVictus - You can read more about the possibilities we've discussed for the character creator suite here: This won't necessarily be tied together with name reservations; stay tuned for more details on both of those things as we get further into testing.

    @Nagash - Verra's lore is incredibly rich & diverse, and will remain mostly a secret so you can discover it yourself in-game. You'll have to tell us if you see any inspiration or similarities once you hop into testing ;)

    @sunfrog - You can keep an eye on our careers page to see the positions we're currently hiring for here: You can also read a bit more about where we've discussed our philosophy on voice acting here:

    @leonerdo - Who's to say that node building and narrative quest lines don't go hand in hand! After all, you're helping a city and its citizens progress and grow, and watching their stories unfold while creating your own. We're excited to have you help us test that mix during upcoming Alphas and Betas!

    @Staggeron - I believe I answered you on Discord recently about this; we currently have no plans to bring back any previous skins that were labeled as "exclusive" to their time period.

    @Locke - You can read more about our philosophy on roles and how they relate to your archetype and augments here:

    @Quin - Apocalypse helped us test the action combat elements that will be part of the hybrid blend in the MMO, as well as testing back-end systems like network infrastructure, downloading/patching, etc. As everything is still very much a work in progress, you'll be helping us test this combat mix more in upcoming Alphas and Betas!

    @andrewfr - The team is super duper busy & cranking away at getting ready for upcoming Alpha testing with you all!

    @myaku - You can read more about our philosophy on instancing here:

    @Hydrilla - You can read more about how treasure hunting is a "way of life" rather than a profession here:

    @snut - As we continue to build & test the node system, the team is keeping scalability and flexibility in mind! Who knows if you've even seen all of Verra yet ;)

    @lordbeowulf - You can read more about where we've discussed character limits for testing and launch here: You can also read more about where we've discussed citizenship as it relates to account here:

    @Chezshire - You can read more about how augments may impact spell colors and general FX here:

    @Gubstep - You'll likely need to find somewhere developed to truly hone your craft; you can check out where we've discussed what services things like the scientific node will unlock as it grows (higher-level recipes, etc.) here:

    @unknownsystemerror - As we mentioned previously, we're awaiting some additional details from the design team on this particular freehold element, so we can provide more insight on this moving forward.

    @Undead Canuck - It would likely depend on the item itself, and whether you're allowed to "own" more than one or equip it on more than one character at once. You can read more about where we've discussed inventory management for items that may be shared between characters (such as cosmetics) here:

    @l3v3rag3 - Keep an eye out for more class blogs as we head into testing to get a feel for the types of mage abilities and elements you'll see! You can check out some of what we've talked about so far here:

    @Lord Ashborn - There are definitely a variety of cosmetic categories (as it relates to FX or otherwise) that haven't necessarily been explored/shown off yet, so stay tuned for what we may share along those lines!

    @Rabbit and @Nexler - Servers may initially be open for limited hours just to start, as we get a feel for their stability and ensure that people are able to connect. Once we've made sure things are looking solid on that front, we'll expand to longer windows and then persistent testing, similar to what we did for Apocalypse.

    @DougBug27 - You can read more about our philosophy on the bard's range of abilities here:

    @Cakey - You can read more about our combat targeting philosophy, including tab target and action combat, here:

    @Lyon - Our goal is to provide you with a variety of different systems and interactions so that you can play the way you want to; at the same time, we believe in true difficulty, and understand that there will be some content that is so hard only a small percentage of players will be able to complete it (more on that philosophy here:

    @Wembley , @skearnz , @LumiLuck , @Pinkberry , and @grumple - Keep an eye out for more crafting/artisan blogs as we head into upcoming testing, where we'll be sharing more details on these systems!

    @Asmon - As the constantly-changing world of Verra will see nodes rise and fall every day, you can read more on our philosophy on "end-game" content here:

    @BluBOo and @Gimlog - Nodes progress and atrophy due to player agency, meaning that WHAT story choices unfold and WHERE they unfold is entirely based on community action. YOU drive where the story goes!

    @Lalli - I believe he used to be a champion of the good ol' Rainbow flip flop, though if I recall correctly the sandal days are now over!

    @caedwyn - As we test out hybrid combat with you in upcoming Alphas and Betas, keep an eye out for if that's something we're looking to gather your feedback on!

    @Argentum401 - You can read more about our respawn philosophy here:

    @torkel56 - We're still working to migrate away from Xsolla, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime! If you have questions based on your account specifically and what upgrades are available, your best bet is to reach out to our support team directly:

    @CareFreeCactus - You can read more about where we've discussed summon types/sizes, including siege summons, here:

    @kryprim - Stay tuned for our recommended specs as well as our supported resolutions as we head into upcoming testing!

    @reighend - As events can fail if certain conditions are not met, you can read more about their start and end triggers here:

    @consultant - We'll be sharing more details on the monster coin system as we get closer to testing it out with you all! In the meantime, you can read more on what we've already discussed here:

    @Damokles - Keep an eye on our social media channels and tune into our live streams to see the latest updates on races as we share them! You can check out what we've highlighted so far here:

    @fawkes - You can read more on what we currently have planned for Alpha One testing here:

    @KhaiSaki - Apocalypse was great for helping us gather early feedback on action combat elements we've been digging into, such as animations and hit indicators/reactions.

    @Jamation - Yes, the Know Your Nodes articles are still in the works! As mentioned previously, the last few articles are missing a few final confirmations from the design team on specific features of certain node types, so we'll get those out to you as we can!

    @notthestinkbomb and @TBCNation - You can read more about our lore (including our philosophy on sharing too much in advance) here:

    @T Elf - We've been assisting users with this issue on an individual basis since February. You can read more details on how to get help with this here:

    @dairrizzle - You can read more on our philosophy around crafting, including the lack of a labor/energy system, here:

    @Ryuu - Not quite; they're a combination of the races that were left behind on Verra. You can read more about Tulnar lore and visual characteristics here:

    @DorinLive - You can read more about our philosophy on world history here:

    @Lifetree - You can read our philosophy on what will impact stat growth at the moment here:

    @vanqor - This is something our community will be helping us test and providing feedback on (in terms of that mix of hybrid combat) during upcoming Alphas and Betas!

    @rodzor - You can read more about our philosophy on cosmetic items and their equitability here:
  • PachaPacha Member, Leader of Men
    @LieutenantToast My question was regarding text emotes instead of emojis or animations. It had been answered 4 times since the kickstarter. 2 times Steven said we would be able to do text emotes (it's simple, really. Legit just have a different color and not the ":" after the name of the character) and 2 times Steven said no. So basically I'm just looking for a definitive answer :blush:
  • t0talt0tal Member, Pioneer
    Hi devguys, what about difficulty of special enemies like elites, raidbosses. Would their difficulty increase with level/biome not only by damage/hp numbers, but also with more tricky, harder to read attack patterns?
  • ICYMI our monthly development update is now uploaded to our YouTube channel!

  • SeloSelo Member
    I prefered the combat in the last video more.
    To much action combat and left buttonmashing now.
    rather have autoattacks than having to jam my mousebutton over and over.
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  • Hi Ashes team;

    Can I just say the last stream was mind blowing in regards to information and content shown thank you.

    Two really quick questions:

    Will there be important story missions that have cutscenes? and will there be some quests that have meaningful dialogue options that change the outcome?
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