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Salzur the Archmage

A high man with brown hair who wear a tunic kind cloth enter in the tavern and sit next you. It is the first time you see him but... the energy is strong surrounding him.
He look into your eyes.

"Greetings adventurer, my name is Salzur and unlike you who drink carefree in this slum I'm not here looking for riches, glory or a better life" said.
"I grew up been educated in the Arcane, my family still slightly remembers the old days when humanity had to escape from this continent that you are colonizing"
*Terrified whispering voice*
"You should had feel it too... The Evil Energy is here, geting stronger, like our magic. Are like to different sides of the same coin. "

*Loud voice again*
"But I´m here to fight against the nightmere, come with me adventurer, I´m strong but not enough, yet. I will gather a group of brave and skillful people in orther to Deffend the life against the truly enemy... The Corruption. "

---- Salzur is an Archmage who know the basic about magic. His father was part of a cult who was created to fight against the corruption. With the time the cult forgot their objetive but, when the portal open, Salzur felt the Corrruption and he discovered where his destiny ends. He had to defend the livings been from that terrible threat. To do this, Salzur will create an honorable brotherhood of people who are ready to overcome everything evil ---
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