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Sword swings too flashy

George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
edited May 2020 in General Discussion
I noticed in the latest dev update that those low level 10 sword swing abilities (or even worse, normal atks) were full of yellow/red colorful animations.

For melee combat, a nice animation is considered a strike that look like "weaponmaster level" with a cool impact on the ground like carving or smashing.

Color effects look ugly when they look so plain (both the sword swing and the color pattern).


  • I agree, the brightness and coloration of each normal and area attacks is too much and should be brought down a notch. Right now they are not showing the actual skills that will be in the mmorpg though, so hopefully they would fix the brightness of each ability by the release.
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2020
    I still think that the effects should depend on their class/subclass.
    Someone who has no magic whatsoever in his class setup should not have sparkles from his sword, but rather leave bloodtrails or carve the ground etc.
    If you know the crit animations from dota then you know what i mean. Bloodsplatters etc.
  • IshkaIshka Member
    edited May 2020
    I agree with @Damokles , I want to add that such effect should reflect the progression of the character and its strength. Imagine as a lv.10 mage, you just learned your fireball that deals little damages. And the first time you use it it makes half of your screen full of particles and explosions.

    Your target is supposed to be annihilated, but hey, you're level 10. You can't set the forest on fire with one spell yet. The visual effects should be on par with the actual effects on the target, visuals can be integrated somehow into a "mechanic". Let's say you builded your mage around strong fire bonuses. The first spell could be indicator to your opponents that you focus on this element and possibly prepare counter measures.

    EDIT : Just was marzzo post "Learn how to visualize a characters power growth." Couldn't say it better.
  • JamationJamation Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I know they mentioned armor style/visualization changing as you progress so there might be a chance that spells and skills do as well! My only comment on the effects is that I do hope they add in an option to turn off spell effects for non party members, non raid members, non friends, etc etc etc.

    Because I know in FFXIV I turn a lot of the skill animations off because they are so big and flashy they actually give me a headache after playing for a while. Plus there are a few skills that are so big and grand that I literally can't see what the enemy is doing anymore.
  • HexcatHexcat Member
    Guys this is another issue that can be addressed with "this is a work in progress" and i can say it with all its letters because one of my concerns was the VFX of the spells and skills and how it was going to evolve with the character, in one Q&A they answered this question and say that the particle effects and general visuals of all the spells and skill will be according to the level and develop of the character, in this case they're putting enormous amount of particles and flashy effects just to show how they are gonna look, but obviously those are not gonna be the spells you are gonna acquire at level 3, 7 or 10
  • DayuhanDayuhan Member
    It would be nice if they would release a short video clip showing the difference between basic weapon use and the flashy advanced weapon use, i.e. weapon-skill progression, but they may not have progression polished enough yet for such a preview.
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