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Logging tools and addons

What's everyones thoughts on add-ons? Personally I like the WoW model for add-ons withstand custom interfaces and meters and all that stuff but against add-ons that tell you how to play the game like rotation helpers and on screen boss assistance and stuff like that.

I'd like to see a setup that's friendly to a site like to track rankings and looking at the graphs and stuff along those lines to help drum up some competitive raiding. It's really one of the main things I enjoy about raiding is the number crunching and calculating and seeing where I rank and my group ranks in the world.


  • Theres been a few posts about this, so I'll link the ones I can find. Hope that helps ;)

    <a href="">First one: API/Addons</a>

    ^Thought I could find others, theres been a few topics about this already, but they are lost in other threads ;)
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