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Mob threat detection

Balrog21Balrog21 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
As some know I'm always wanting Intrepid to push the envelope. One thing that has always really irked me is mob dumbness...
When I played Secret World many years ago, they did it right. If a mob could see you it was coming after you.
In WOW this was horrid. Especially in the dungeons. Even worse for final boss battles. You all walk in the room and there is the final boss....I guess he hasn't heard you fighting your way to him/her, especially the mobs right outside the door. So it just sits there while you get all ready and in position...immersion killer for me. Hated it, actually. I do hope Intrepid make better use of mobs than previous mmo's with their detection.
Did this ever bother any of you or did you just accept it and plow through them?
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