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Recall of the past (short story)

KnightmareKnightmare Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People, Kickstarter, Alpha One
Recall of the past

A long time ago at the begin of spring, a brave knight began his journey into the vast lands of Taborea. He was a young and curious adventurer, overflowing with the desire to explore this world and help others wherever he could.

However, the knight was not the typical kind of knight you might expect. He did not have any true friends or even companions that would follow him and the call of adventure. Though admittedly he was reserved, he was also a generous and gentle soul, respectful and friendly with those who were the same towards him. Little did he know, that his time of being the lonesome adventurer was yet to find its end...

It would be at the city - or rather at the slopes - of Dogamor, the city of cyclopses, where he'd encounter a magician, defending himself against several cyclopses and cyclop-berserkers at once. Briefly eyeing at the other guy in his stunning red and blue robe, the knight could see that the magician was in trouble. The knight did not hesitate to charge in, dragging the attention of the cyclopses towards himself, giving the magician time and space to summon waves of fire, stun the cyclopses with lightning and literally let loose hell upon them.

„Well that was a close one“, the knight said, relieved that they just barely made it through.
„Yes it was indeed, thank you“, the magician replied, with a suprisingly calm, almost a bit shy sounding voice. „You just came to the right place at the right time.“ „With pleasure“, the knight answered, „people should help eachother“.

Not sure what else to say - well, that'll be it i guess - the knight already made attempts to go further in the city and slay cyclopses, allone as usual. Or so he thought. But the magician surprised him:

„Hey, since you're here, could it be that you've got the same task as me?“
„My task is to slay 20 cyclopses and retrieve some of their weapons for further investigation“ the magician explained further, while lowering the hood that previously covered his head.
„Yes, this is also my task“, the knight replied while looking back, directly at the magicians face. He could not see it before, since the hood previously covered the magicians face in shadow. „Well then“ the magician replied, „let us team up, it will be much easier and effective if we fight together.“

„By the way, my name is Ayame.“

Turns out it was not a magician the knight was talking to the whole time, but a friendly-looking sorceress.

„Hello Ayame, nice to meet you. I'm Morad.“

This would be the beginning of a wonderful friendship, the knight never thought he would ever get to experience, being rejected by society and allone for years. On their adventures, Ayame and Morad began to meet new companions. Joining a guild together and overall enjoying eachothers company every day, simply having a great time in Taborea.

Unfortunately, things would change. Guilds would collide; new guilds would arise, and with so much going on around the world, Morad could no longer hear the call for adventure and he began to get tired. But that wasn't it just yet. It was somewhere around 2 years after he met Ayame, that he would loose sight on her, despite their friendship and all the great adventures they experienced together. Yes, he never saw her again...

Farewell, my dear Sorceress. It was an honour knowning you, and i will remember you and our adventures for the rest of my life. I always hoped our paths might cross again, but ultimately hope will die at last...


  • KnightmareKnightmare Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited May 2020

    Hello everyone, and thank you so much for reading. I hope you were entertained by this story.
    Please note, that english is not my native language and there a lot of things that im not quite sure „which way to write around“ and i assume, my grammar (especially when writing in different timelines/pasts) isnt as good as i hoped it would be. That being said, i did my best. :p What experiences did you make in your first MMORPG? Let me know your thoughts :) Also, in case you were wondering:
    As you might have guessed, this story is based on a real experience, and though i cant remember everything - especially in terms of dialogue, since it was over 10 years ago - this is as accurate as it gets. This all happend in my first MMORPG RoM - Runes of Magic.

    Thanks again and have a good one.

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