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[NA] The Nameless | PvX | 18+ | Casual-Social

<The Nameless> | NA-PvX | Semi-Casual/Social

Server: TBD


Nameless is a casual/social gaming community, and many of our core have been gaming together since 2004. Our aim is to create a social, fun gaming atmosphere for those who join. Are you a casual player that would like to take on all content of Ashes, at a pace that fits your needs? Then Nameless may just be for you. We may not know when Ashes will officially be released, but we hope some of you will join us before that time, so that we can get to know each other before launch! Everyone is welcome to join us.


We are searching for like-minded players who want to enjoy Ashes of Creation for what it is and not rush to end-game or feel like they are forced to. Players who enjoy helping others and like to be in voice while we play are exactly the type of members The Nameless wants. Running dungeons together, helping with quests, or just grabbing a drink at a tavern - That's what we are about. We don't expect you to be online 24/7, most of us here work full time and are raising families - we simply don't have the time to be constantly on, but we will be online when we can, growing together as a guild and getting things accomplished.


I know raids are important for a lot of people. We do plan on raiding, but as I said earlier, at our own pace. We'll do it for fun, and even if we clear content a little slower than the rest, we will still clear it. Raids, however, will not be the main focus of our guild even though we will do it. Let's have fun exploring the world of Verra :).

**Whatever we do, is because we are having fun!**

If you are interested, please join us on Discord!

Discord -
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