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What do I need to do to get into Alpha - Answered (Thanks for all the advice!)

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Hey there gamers!! I'm Jory, but I go by Fenix, I am a twitch streamer affiliate, and play along with some of the big mmo payers, as I have loads of free time for the next year, and looking toward a new stream project I could open my Twitch back up to, I was curious how I could join and help with the stages of the game. I have been playing alphas and betas for 20 years from - EQ, BDO, D3, ESO, Monster Hunter, FFOnline, Destiny1&2, RuneScape, WOW, Tera, Rift ,Archeage ,GW, Blade&Soul, Aion, Vindictus, TSW, NeverWinter, and Blessed. And I love finding ways to be overpowered and break things, also i'm just itching for something new to learn and mysterious to solve and building a community with. So I look forward to trying this game in the near future, I just want to make sure I buy the right packs and which one gets me in the soonest. Thank you and happy bug hunting in the world of Verra!


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    Pay money

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    Soonest Pack you can buy is for Alpha 2.
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    The testing for A1 is currently closed for sales. If you are a large streamer and think you deserve an A1 key gratis your best bet is to contact Intrepid directly on Discord or through the website. The CEO and marketing team can make decisions that they feel would impact promotion of the game. As mentioned by others the only other way of participating in future testing is via a package purchased from their website.
  • Hi there! As others have mentioned in this thread, you are still able to participate in our upcoming Alpha Two phase by purchasing either the Voyager or Voyager Plus pre-order packs from our Shop. In addition, keep an eye out as we work to relaunch our Content Creator program to see if it's something that may be a good fit for you in the future!

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything further we can assist you with on this topic!
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