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  • CaesarCaesar Member, Founder
    What is going on with the stock market type system, and can you give a brief overview of it? I have not seen much on it yet.

  • Undead CanuckUndead Canuck Member, Braver of Worlds
    Are there going to be areas where casting is enhanced? i.e. a mana pool that boosts your power (possibly above normal).

    This is not a question about classes, but places in the world.
  • Any updates on the bounty hunter system? For example, will only military nodes offer the ability to become one, or will all nodes do so, but the military is just the most efficient/best?
  • George BlackGeorge Black Member
    edited June 22
    Steven as an employer, and Jeff as a developer, what do you look for in a student looking to work in Games Development? Who would you hire IF prior experience/work is not part of the criteria?

    Highest grades, good teamwork spirit, knows everything there is
    Good grades, can do attitude, problem-solver mentality, team player but also self motivated (can work unsupervised)
  • VoidVoid Member
    Any updates on blogs? We were promised (many times) blogs on crafting, classes before Alpha 1, kinda seems like the time for it.
  • LyonLyon Member
    Could you maybe upload a tank gameplay video since we ve seen mage and healer already? And hi Toast
  • ChezshireChezshire Member
    edited June 23
    Talking about the underworld (not under realm) economy, like the black markets, thiefs guild, illegal bets, etc.
    Is it gonna be apart from the standard economy or will the two be one and the same?
  • thelazypeonthelazypeon Member, Pioneer
    Can you walk us through what the first week of Ashes Of Creation might look like from the point of view of someone in an organised PVPVE guild? What does a typical play session look like during the first week? (Help us visualise what kinda things we'll actually be doing and what we could realistically accomplish during that time)
  • toshitotoshito Member
    When a specific server gets to a point of having the 5 nodes at metropolis stage, what are the incentive for the players to crave the change? To battle siege and destroy one of those nodes?
  • Sitting on my Hands waiting for the next Live Stream, bring Forth the 26th!!!!
  • WasdayWasday Member
    Will there be any consideration to making mounts have an unlimited lifespan like other MMO's?, I personally really enjoy collecting rare mounts and would love to do the same in AOC late game.
  • Can you please tell us will classes with secondary archtypes in tank or cleric be able to fulfil that role for small group play and/or easier content ? (with appropriate selection of gear, skills, etc of course)

    Or must you have primary to be able to do the role in any meaningful way ?
  • Please reconsider dps meters or logging. I love fflogs or warcraftlog competition and being able to see how you can improve. Without it people are just going to be toxic to an otherwise good player. Other than that, are any of the legendary weapons finalized yet? Can you give us info on at least one?
  • DNFrozenDNFrozen Member
    edited June 26
    We saw in the gameplay video that the tax rate affect the prices of npcs but does it also effect player owned shops?
    In general where do we have to pay taxes?
    will the major be able to set different tax rates for different things?
    will castle owners be able to adjust the tax rate for their region like majors can for their node?
  • So the world of AOC depends on the player, And that actually reminds me of EVE Online, THOUSANDS of Eve Online players got SCREWED OVER by ONE GUY (in the guild) and could AOC happen the similar situation? If it could happen what will Intrepid studios do to the AOC community?
  • Hello! I am a Brazilian player, I would like to know if you are thinking of bringing any exclusive content to Brazil and other countries in South America. Thank you
  • Will there be events or possibly other reasons that could cause a season to be longer or shorter, than the usual 1 week?
  • ImmeImme Member
    All armours i've seen so far, looked like they were lvl 40 or something, im curious about how a lvl 1 or lvl 10 armour would look.
  • T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds
    There has been some talk of what gear you are wearing showing your progression. How do cosmetics fit into this? I might like the look of a cosmetic better than my regular gear, am I going to be forced to give up cosmetics?
    Formerly T-Elf

  • MilkboyMilkboy Member
    How do you intend to prevent players abusing the armour appearance/transmog system to deceive other players in open world pvp? For example by changing their appearance to show low level gear when in reality they are wearing high level gear to trick other players into taking a fight that they should actually run away from.
  • MerleMerle Member, Braver of Worlds
    How are the Guild Hall Appearance and the Guild Cloaks and Bardings from the Leader of Men package exactly working? Do I have to be at the same time the Guild Leader to choose the alternative appearance of the guild hall, resp. to distribute the cloaks and bardings? Or can only the one who builds the guild hall on his freehold decide about its appearance and hence needs to own these cosmetics? Or do these cosmetics automatically pass over to the guild from its members?
  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
    @merle The cloaks and bardings once assigned are part of that guilds inventory to pass out to members. Since the LoM was targeted at those planning on running guilds or leadership, best to make sure that the guild you decide to assign those rewards to is one you are going to stay with. Custom imaging can be changed. The guild hall will most likely (not confirmed) be a single appearance skin like the freehold customization skins.

  • Many a game, regardless of intent, have enabled players to PK with little or no consequence. Such player behavior has always ensured a toxic environment to the detriment of the majority of the player base (especially the new players). Please elaborate on how Ashes of Creation is going to ensure such behavior has the appropriate consequences.
  • LinlinLinlin Member
    Will players be able to chose between different options while questing, which will effect and change the story of the quests in individual ways?
  • ashoneashone Member, Braver of Worlds
    When when we really see xsolla gone?
  • mytheriosmytherios Member
    edited June 22
    How are you going to handle the number of players on a server. are you going to use sharding as in retail WoW, or layering as in classic, or are you planing to use a new way to handle the numbers especially in castle sieges?
  • BearBear Member
    edited June 23
    Are there any plans to give mounts momentum? For example, Guild Wars 2 mounts feel very good to run around with because they have turning momentum and acceleration. It makes them feel real, like they have actual weight behind them. This is unlike WoW where you are a basically just a dolled-up model with a movement speed increase.

    inb4 my physics terminology is incorrect and I get yelled at
  • derraderra Member
    I'm very curious about the main diferences betwen the Strider and Hunter classes
  • SeloSelo Member
    can you show armor worn by differant races?
    will wepaons have looks based on their elements? not just color.
    will the town npcs have "daily" routines and interact with eachother, or are they just static?
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  • naowhutnaowhut Member
    Are there any plans for combo effects in combat? For example a water spell leads into an ice spell which can freeze, or increase the chance of freezing that opponent, and then a strong physical hit can shatter that target for bonus damage. A water effect into a lightning effect for increased damage or cc chance.

    It would be cool to see combos in some way, but perhaps if they were more or less effective based on the affinity for each end of the effect. A single player who only touched water magic to get a wet effect for his lightning bolt would have a way less potent combo than if you have a team of specialists designed for timed combos. Just throwing it out there, much love for everything I've seen from you guys. Good luck!
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