Freehold locations

warsaawwarsaaw Member, Braver of Worlds
I understand the functions and features of the Freehold system. I haven't yet seen, maybe I missed it somewhere, anything on the specifics of where I can put the freehold plot. I know it is in the ZOI of a node but more specific than that, can I see a beautiful waterfall and a giant oak growing above it stick my freehold there, or are there predetermined plots in a nodes ZOI that, like a potential neighborhood etc.?



  • JahlonJahlon Member
    You can put it in anywhere where it won't interfere with current or future Points of Interest (POI)

    So if you tried to put it where a dungeon entrance might spawn, then you will be blocked from doing that.

    Also, there is a standoff distance between freeholds, so no player created neighborhoods will be appearing.
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