Players made drop down a market similar to L2..

akabearakabear Member, Pioneer
I saw a repost of a comment, "Players made drop down a market similar to L2",

Whilst I like the idea of individual markets, one sour point from L2 days was the requirement to have to be logged in and afk to keep your stall up. Not being able to have a pc on 24 / 7 meant only limited capacity to use the market system.

If such a system is replicated, could the system allow to create a stall and not be able to turn off your pc and return later?


  • leonerdoleonerdo Member, Settler
    edited June 28
    I believe that has been confirmed already yes.

    Edit: Jahlon is right as always. Only player stalls (which are more useful anyways, IMO) continue running when you log off.
  • JahlonJahlon Member
    Shops require you to be online to offer your goods and services

    Stalls do not.

    Shops can be anywhere (freeholds, parts of the world [still need clarification[)
    Stalls are inside the Nodes.

    Make sure to check out Ashes 101
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