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I've been looking for a little while now on how the gearing system will work in this game. Does anyone know if we will only be able to obtain gear through dungeons/raids or will there be other methods of obtaining the gear? (such as through the instanced arenas or some type of PvP currency)


  • Dungeons Raids and allot of emphasis on exploring and crafting it would seem
  • Crafting seems to take a big part in the game (yay!).
    But, they have also said that we are set to explore the world, to find out what happened and find lost treasures (epic loot I suppose?).
    Mobs will only drop gear that make sense. So we might not see giant 2-Handed weapons dropped by killing tiny fluffy demonic rabbits!
  • Crafting is going to be a major part of the game, gearing being part of it as well. In dungeons and such, we will be more likely to see things such as crafting materials. You will need to take these materials to a crafter that will turn them into gear.
  • Let's hope that they have alternative methods for acquiring gear other than purely running dungeons. Personally, as primarily a PvP player I'd rather not have to be forced into running raids in order to get in BiS.

    (I understand that the gear most likely won't drop in raids, but materials will for crafters to use; so, when I refer to "gear" I'm referring to materials acquired through raiding).

    Ashes, from my understanding, leans more towards a pvp-centirc game (considering that change only occurs though PvP). It would make sense that they should have other methods of acquiring the gear, such as an auction house, or some form of currency that would enable players other than raiders to acquire gear.

    Ultimately, it is going to boil down to whether or not the BiS gear from raids impacts PvP in a way that makes the game gear > skill. If the stat increases are minimal and similar to Gw2 Ascended gear then I'm alright with a little bit of grind and dungeons for acquiring it. Though, if the gear is insanely overpowered compared to the regular sets then there will be a lot of pushback from the players in general.

    No one enjoys a game where gear > skill, especially if the gear is only available to a certain demographic of people within the community.
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