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hello All

Hay came across this new looking game on you tube looks pretty cool. I did play a game once that relied on player generated content for PVP and PVE and it really didnt go to well if any of you remember Warhammer. The open world Fortress raids were always a fail at least for me. But none the less this AOC looks pretty cool. Definetly will give tis one a try.


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    Welcome to the Hype train fellow passenger! i hope you enjoy your journey :)

    If your looking for some answers to some questions you may have regarding the game be sure to look in the links on this thread here
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    Hey welcome! Yea the YouTube videos and info I heard about this game instantly caught my attention. It does seem pretty promising. I also like that the director was just the average player who decided he can make a better game. A game that players actually want from his years in playing mmorpgs. It is an experiment if a gamer can make a game better than mainstream developers and so far the info we got for this game shows that the premise is possible.
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    Welcome to the community!
    Warhammer Online had it fails and succes. A lot in that game was good, but much of the endgame was bad. Warhammer had a lot of potentials. But sadly it was never giving it's chance. Sad to see it getting shut down.

    I have high hopes for Ashes. And I believe in the team!
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