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Content Idea - 100 Floor Dungeon/Tower

Ive always wanted to see this in a game, Id love to see what everyone thinks, and if any devs want to run with it, and make this a reality.

General Idea - Lets start with the basics. It would be a tall tower, possibly something you can always see in the distance, or dungeon, that could possibly be opened once a node has become a metropolis, or integrated another way. There would be 100 floors with increased difficulty on each floor, an extremely hard boss at the end of each floor. This will be a community/guild effort to complete this content, and require the best of the best to defeat each boss.

Level/map design - One of my favorites parts of this idea is that every level is unique. Each map has an overall theme, such as overgrown halls, unbearable heat and lava, completely iced over, spider infested, or goblins hoarding shiny insignificant treasures. Anything the imagination can come up with really. The artists and level designers have so much space to bring their dream environments and encounters to life. Each floor will have a unique map. It could be a labyrinth, a simple underground cave style, or sewers beneath a castle. Mobs and bosses will follow these designs as well.

Mechanics - Each floor will be based around a mechanic or a group of mechanics. 100 different boss mechanics it quite ridiculous of course, so revisiting new mechanics with a hefty twist is sure to be one solution. If i had to come up with an example, Floor 10 ice realm design makes you slide when walking on the icy platform you must fight the boss on, with the risk of falling off. On Floor 64 however this mechanic is introduced, but unlike floor 10, if you slide to much on this floor, you will gain a debuff causing you boots to degrade faster, and you will take damage. The mobs and rest of the dungeon floor will also be built around the same mechanics and theme as the boss. The mob fights can become pretty difficult as you will be getting used to the mechanics, and they are meant to overwhelm the groups attempting to clear the floor.

Risk vs Reward - The idea behind this dungeon is once a floor is completed, the next floor is unlocked for the entire server, making this content important to all of the community. This dungeon would NOT be instanced, instead be public so that guilds, large community groups made on discords, and groups of friends can attempt to clear these floors, with huge rewards and a sort of community status that comes with being the ones who completed it first. A guild may want to be the best pvers and want to clear this insanely difficult content, however... if another guild wants the title for themselves, there is nothing stopping a pvp fight from breaking out right there, just for the chance at beating a boss. If a boss fight has started already, the boss room will be closed off, to prevent griefing a fight. Your group will be allowed to start at the beginning of the most recently opened floors entrance, however if a player dies, all of the loot they have acquired in the run will disappear. If a player dies they will also not be able to continue the fight, meaning if you wipe you cannot attempt again until the cool down period is over. The cool down could be as short as 2 hr, forcing the guild to actually communicate about the fight and what they learned before attempting again, or as long as 24 hrs, giving other guilds the ability to pass you up.

Goal - The goal of this content is to bring the sense of community adventure and progress, while giving players the chance at glory and fame. We know world firsts and first to max is such a huge deal in the community and widely watched often bringing the games massive spikes in viewership and exposure, which also brings more new players witnessing such an awesome feat. Ashes of Creation is aiming to really change the future of mmos and this kind of content is perfect for making people want to take part, and possibly be that guild that everyone recognizes as the guild who actually beat that impossible boss on floor 100.

What do you guys think of this idea? Would it fit into AoC? Ideas from the devs? <3


  • AlluringAlluring Moderator, Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Ive actually wanted something like this and have discussed it with the folks in the Official Discord!
    Nice to see a post about it on the forums c:
    Since content is revealed through the development of the world I feel certain criteria must be met before the tower dungeon emerges! So revealing it could be a goal in itself for the server.

    So not a simple X node developed into X to reveal but it would require X number of metropolises or a certain event to have been done, just a little extra criteria to make it more rewarding when it finally pops up.
  • Yes exactly, thats awesome that Im not the only one, since this just increases the chances of this type of content becoming a reality.What was the response like when you brought it up?
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    edited July 2020
    Tower of Insolence. L2
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