Developers Having Fun Playing a Game they Worked Hard to Create

Pretense: As I am watching an interview between Summit1G, Shroud and Steven via discord (Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo0Ei4VjeGU), Summit asks a question around 37:10 which I found very intriguing. His question paraphrased is, "Coming from an MMO gamer, to an MMO developer, after watching the game for the last 5 years step by step, do you think you could enjoy the game to its fullest extent like you would have otherwise."

This raised a very important point for me as it has been pertinently stated that Steven began this journey for the potential of creating an MMO that he would enjoy playing after being thrown game after game after game.

Problem: With devs working to create a game that they would play, they are creating the content that they want to see, they want to experience. For example, if you play an MMO for Exploration/Adventure, developers will not be able to get the same amount of enjoyment because they made the content to explore, they already know whats around the corner, how to get passed a possible puzzle or impasse of sorts. They do not get to experience the surprise or enjoyment of coming across that content for the first time. This is only one of the killing factors to their enjoyment that I could predict.

Solution?: The overwhelming feeling I perceive from Ashes is the communication, interaction and support between us as consumers or players and the people behind everything we enjoy. With this in mind, the following is one (somewhat) simple idea to bring about a new idea to benefit both sides of the table.

What if we had events where Devs, GMs and possibly Moderators or other community managers/directors, what have you (called controllers for ease following), were able to control world boss level monsters or create a PvM content that is really PvMvP due a portion of the M being controlled by previously mentioned groups.

I am aware that a system similar to this is already created through the monster coin. What I visualize is something on a seemingly more grand scale. With the monster coin system, you fall into the ranks of AI and take control of a 'minion' class monster if you will. Having a controller in a world boss level or higher monster could bring about a new type of content.

1. Hypothetically, you could dynamically create content based on RP. For example, one week, a dragon attacks a node and players fend the dragon off. The week after, the players organize a raid because they're tired of the dragon's BS, head up a mountain and rip its head from its body. The head could possibly even be displayed in the middle of town as a middle finger to the controller's failed attempt at ruining what us players have built.

2. Players could choose vote on how to deal with a problem. in the earlier point, what if instead of attacking, the town decided to bolster defenses around the node and set up launchers or catapults of the sorts.

3. Controllers could dynamically create a situation through RP or even just simply moving locations. These kinds of things are barely attainable through AI. Sticking to the dragon story, if this was an AI or programmed encounter, maybe there is only one set path or set number of paths based on algorithms. With a Controller, the person could dynamically make a decision to move locations, try to surrender and leave the node area to attack another or so on.

4. The controller would be in complete control of said monster. Abilities and movement included. instead of having a raid boss with a specific rotation it would be personalized, maybe even optimized. ie. a lot of people there, throw an AoE, Tank sitting in front of me blocking ranged DPS, solo out the tank or break through to the squishy ranged DPS line.

5. It would further support the idea of creating each server dynamically to create different experiences across servers. Each server could have different scenarios built by creative people.

Closing: This proposal is only one possible solution to a problem I would hate to be in, and that we owe to these developers for doing, hopefully, what we have been waiting for as an MMORPG community for a very long time. This way, the people behind the controllers, Dev's, GMs, Moderators and so on will have a fun form of content that they can indulge in and enjoy to the fullest. It can be tailored to exactly what they find the most fun, creating dynamics. The content would vary creating a non repetitive experience for both players and the people behind the 'controllers'.

As part of the MMORPG community, I cannot express what this game as an 'approach' to development means to us. To which I think we owe the Studio something back other than monetary value to compensate for the experience they are giving up to create this world for us as players.

Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal. I encourage the community to suggest their own ideas or alter what I have already given as I am only one person and the brain of many is much better at creating a solid theory than I or anyone alone.

And thank you development team for continuing with the, what shouldn't be, innovative approach to development and transparency along with the risks that said strategy involves.

Repost as I posted in the general discussion previously by accident.
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