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Food for thought!! Node Leader system (Council members)

i've been playing Rise of Civilisations, just to pass the time.. one thing that i really liked is guild leader ranks, ranked leadership is so cool!! for example what they have is ranks 1-4, 4 being the highest guild rank saved for only 4 different players; Warlord (War Buff) Counseller (Building Buff) Envoy (Diplomacy type - Health Buff) Saint (PVE - Resource Buff) "i wish they had like a (Coin Master) to manage economy"

i was just wondering how much this helped the guild leader manage the guild and wars, etc. with the mass size of Nodes, i think it would be really efficient to have a leader system per node (Council Team)

they also have 8 player lesser ranks for Raid Leads.. Really cool concept, just shooting it out there as i feel there may be abit of struggle maintaining leadership in all parts of the node development for one mayor.

Just My opinion, would like to here your thoughts on this.


  • I think it would be cool if Mayors/Kings/Whatevers had other leadership positions they could fill up with their friends/loyalists/whoever they want. I don't think guild leaders will always end up being the leaders of towns or nodes, but whoever does should be able to delegate somewhat.
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