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Some suggestions for character creation and a clothing option I would like to see

I'm still new to the MMO realm. I played FF14 on PS4 then switched when I got my pc last year. I love spending hours creating my character and making them look nice. Of course I make girl characters for clothing/armor wise. I hope there's A LOT of different hair lengths and styles, I hate having all these short hairs and only 2 or 3 good medium/long hair styles. I really love Zelda's short hair in the Breath of wild sequel trailer. Okay now this is kinda weird to me to say but I like tights, I would love to see tights as clothing options. damaged, a scratch, or glossy? types.

* Medium/long hair styles some being dutch braided
* Scratched, glossy, damaged tights for a clothing option under clothes and possibly armor idk
* Zelda's short hair style in the game (breath of the wild 2 trailer)


  • LafiLafi Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Since you're new to the scene its hard for me to explain but i promise you, your customisation needs will be met, wet and the gently held as you immerse yourself
    Also tights are good :neutral:
  • I'm with you. Appearance, clothing, even furniture is all stuff that really excites me in MMOs and just judging by what we've seen so far, I think Ashes will satisfy me (and hopefully you too) when it comes to those things!
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