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Bits and pieces

Hey guys! great work on the mmo so far btw,

are we going to have costume/gear dyes? or even like gear morphing? like you can skin your level 50 weapon onto a level 3 weapon just because you like the way the level 3 weapon looks? i used to do that on a game called Aika Online, what made it cool was that when going into a fight people see your low teir gear and assume your an easy kill but then you beat the crap out of them.. haha

also is it an option to have a pre-game skill/class/gear calculator, just so we can start preseting goals on what builds and skill allocations we can do? this was also something i experienced on Aika, helped alot when setting gear or Skill builds..

thanks again guys!


  • I've heard talk of cosmetic/costume type items similar to ArchAge.
    I think it's too early for the skill-set stuff, atm, because we don't even know what the classes do yet.
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