[OCE] Raiders | Hardcore | Competitive | Fun | Dynamic | Multiserver

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Guild Leader: Plate#5266
Server: NA and OCE
Style: PVE, PVE, Crafting
Discord: https://discord.gg/2st7xeV

"Blood and Steel"
The Raider Creed

Welcome traveler! Are you looking for a hardcore guild that covers all aspects to Ashes of Creation? Well look no further, the Raiders are the toughest set of warriors the world has ever seen! With your help we will be able to lay waste to our enemies gaining true superiority among the realm. Don't hesitate join the Raider army and free your brethren from the curse of our foe! The Raiders are a new guild set to be the best on the server, i.e North America and Oceania depending on servers at launch. We are recruiting the best PVPers, PVEers, Crafters to join our ranks in being an unstoppable force. We cannot wait to play playing Ashes of Creation and are expecting your arrival! JOIN NOW

1. 18+
2. Respectful to fellow Raiders
3. Be competitve
4. Be willing to learn
5. Have fun ;)

    [*] PVP
    [*] PVP
    [*] Crafting

      [*] NA
      [*] OCE

      *Note you will have to have a quick chat with me before joining*

      Don't wait JOIN NOW!!!
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