[EU] Avalon | PVX | Hardcore | Competitive | Friendly and Helpful |

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[EU] Avalon | PVX | Hardcore | Competitive | Friendly and Helpful |

This will be my first ever guild created, I'm looking for people who are dedicated and like grinding all night long and don't sleep till they get what they want. This guild is meant to be hardcore and focused on as many aspects as we can, everyone is welcome ( with the certain condition of being 18+ ) and everyone matters. If you're looking for a starting guild to learn everything together and want friends to play with when the game comes. Please feel free to join the discord.

I'm looking forward to grinding with yall ! :D

Discord: https://discord.gg/eTE29vZ


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    Best of luck in game and welcome to the AoC community Onichan!
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