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My biggest concern, aswell

There is probably several post about this topic but i wanted to make one also, because we are all really excited about what this game can become and just want to give our feedback as early as possible.

So I get straight to the point. Of all the MMOs i´ve tried, all of them have had the same problem. They lack good character movements, doing it smoothly and realistic, and being responsive. And most importantly looking alive like its really a living creature in a living world and that there is proportion and weight to your character. The only MMO that have pulled this of is World of warcraft, (before the model update). Why to me to this date the best MMO is Wow vanilla/classic.

The effects of a characters abilities is also scaled perfectly with how powerful your ability is in Wow classic. A normal swing with your axe is just that, a normal swing no fancy effects. But when you use an ability there might be something more visual and then when you use an even stronger ability with a long cooldown, long cast time or get a critical strike it produces a big fancy effect. Which is one of the concerns I have after watching the gameplay footage, but then again they want to show of their product so it might just be turned up for the sake of the demo. Effects looked amazing by the way!

Now having said that, I have never been this hyped for a game, ever! After seeing TheLazyPeon´s video and Asmongolds interview, can i just say holy shit! Everything Steven Sharif said i agree with 110%. The whole node system is just brilliant, absolutely fantastic! This is the game i´ve wanted to play since 2007!


  • Welcome, glad you're excited .. Me too, omgush.

    As for animation, it's a small concern of mine too. So far it seems way too early to tell what animations or even models/styles will really look like, but I'm hoping it's something weighty and more grounded, rather than the very flashy/silly over the top animations we get in more asian styled MMOs and action rpgs.
  • LafiLafi Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Keep your eye on the upcoming non-NDA, 10,000 PLAYER alpha 1 testing that is focused around the combat system :)

    Trust me, you guys are not the only ones that want to know how this stuff ends up. Its been community discussion for 3+ years :)
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