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[NA] Legion of Pollywogs | PVX | Casual | Social | 18+

JorBenJorBen Member
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About us and Our Mission:
This may be a little long-winded but I believe everything said is necessary and is up for discussion.
Howdy folks!
Legion of Pollywogs is aiming to be a friendly, community rich, combo guild open to anyone and everyone! By 'combo guild', I mean we plan on possibly having multiple groups within the guild such as a semi-casual raiding group, maybe a semi-hardcore raiding group, PVP groups (open-world and battleground), maybe a dedicated arena group, and of course crafting groups. While this may seem like quite the undertaking (especially from someone who has no experience running a guild), I plan on taking a casual approach to organization, using delegates to form each group, and allowing said delegates to run the group as they see fit.
In saying this, I can see that there could, in the future, be the formation of a sort of 'inner circle', excluding regular members from guild events. I do NOT want this to happen, so I will try my best to include everyone when possible and I will enforce this upon my delegates as well to lessen the possibility of unhealthy clicks forming.
Because of the need for delegates, I am obviously looking for people with experience running groups listed above. However, we will welcome anyone interested in joining a certain group or anyone who just needs a community. I know you have many options when choosing a guild but I hope you will consider us and remember...the best toys say 'Some Assembly Required'.
With best regards,

In Summary:
Guild Master: JorBen
Officers: Soon to be delegated...
Server: North America

Looking for:
  • Awesome people (That means YOU)
  • Raid Leads (Casual and Dedicated)
  • PVP Generals (For open-world and battleground)
  • Arena Leads
  • Master Craftsmen/Craftswomen

Discord -
Feel free to join the Discord or post a comment here with any questions.
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