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Controller support?

Hey will there be controller support, as i get older i find that i dont really enjoy mmos that i cant use a controller on anymore.
So the big question is will there be controller support for people like me?


  • Thanks for the question Jza!

    Controller support is easy for base functionality, Unreal works kind of straight out the box with it. In regards to our control scheme and hotbar functionality, it is something we are looking into, and will have further info on later down the road.
  • great question,i would also love this as an option sometimes i just cant be at my pc so being able to casually play from my living room when i cant be at my desk would be great.
  • Yes controller support would be awesome
  • I would also love this. I work away a lot and I would love to be able to stream to my shield tablet
  • Since there will be a controller support, will AoC support VR?
    The release is due for another 1 ½ year, and by then VR will probobly be more common, and in play for alot of games.
    I am no tech wiz whats so ever so I dont know if it will be possible at all but... I need to ask :)
  • @Crivel, if can have VR, I would really like to see the whole set including stand like the one in "Virtuix Omni"
    So players can exercise while fighting too :D
  • The last I heard controller support wont work too well with the control scheme.
    Thats the impression I get anyway.
    I think its something they would like to do....but it will be on the back burner.
    The priority is mouse/keyboard and PC.

    Until they finalise all the control system requirements, and give a definitive yes, I wouldnt get too hopeful.
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