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As a PvEr I actually like open world PvP

Per title. I think it entices players to at least experiment with PvPing. I used to get very frustrated because PvP was forced on me in other MMOs that I played but from time to time I would really have fun at PvPing. I died a lot and still had a lot of fun. Open world PvP is really an opportunity to get off comfort zone every now and then and experience fighting against others, plus players are protected by a flag system (I guess?), so there's nothing to lose.
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  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I'm in the same boat I'm a PvE player at heart but a bit of PvP never hurt anyone

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  • I am the opposite, normally strictly a PvP player but I am very excited for the PvX style of AoC and the PvE content they have on offer (non-instanced, open-world pvp pve dungeons!?)... Aaah!

    That's the kind of dungeon I could live in, happily, always know someone could come and murder me at any time :)

    I love the feeling of impending doom.
  • darthadendarthaden Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Agreed! I suck at pvp, I have really slow reflexes when it comes to reacting to what others are doing. In the open world like caravan pvp in Ashes I can still be a benefit to my guild no matter how bad I suck since I'm not taking up one of the only 3 spots like I would be in a arena. In the open world even a bad player is still a number lol.
  • darthadendarthaden Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Valento92 wrote: »
    plus players are protected by a flag system (I guess?), so there's nothing to lose.

    You have multiple factors that will limit open world repeated ganking in Ashes. As you already pointed out if your not flagged theres the corruption system. You also have node leveling as well though. Let's say I own a house in a node and want it to level asap. Its actually against my interest to gank you since your contributing to my home node leveling up. If your in your guilds home node you'll also have backup close by
  • FathymFathym Member
    Open world pvp is the most fulfilling type of pvp to me as long as its more of a consensual experience like in AoC. Open world pvp is definitely not fun when you're getting ganked 3v1 over and over in STV when all you want to do is kill a few raptors.
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