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NA | Dreaded Enclave | PVX | NEW!!!

**[US] Dreaded Enclave | PVX | New ** Discord: This guild is brand new and founded under the doctrine of organized grinding, development, and warfare. All roles are vacant however, some may need trust, experience, or a talented tongue. Members shall have much freedom and a friendly environment to grow and have fun. There will be discipline and efficiency during PVP but all other times there will be no restrictions on actions such as: forced pvp, travel, trade and solo grinding. All members of the militarized branch of the guild will train in coordination, tactics, and discipline; however the times that training will take place shall be lenient and flexible so that all combat roles remain reasonably maintainable. I hope to have a good balance of everything in the guild with aims of eventual world domination. Keep in mind that this guild is brand new with only me but I am ridiculously active and diligent and I have organizational experience in previous MMOs.
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